Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Catching Fish

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Ever since Song Yao released the news that she was collecting eggs, poultry, and vegetables, many villagers had sent the things they had at home over, hoping to sell them for a good price.

Song Yao took the egg from Mrs. Wang and weighed it. It was a little small. Although it couldn’t be sent to a state-owned restaurant, it could still be sold at a low price on the market.

There was also the cabbage that Mrs. Liu had sent over. It didn’t look very fresh. Song Yao bought it for two cents a catty and planned to sell it at the market. Song Yao started collecting the other fresh vegetables at five cents. When the villagers heard that fresh vegetables in the fields could be exchanged for more money, they started to pluck the vegetables in the fields. Only when Song Yao said that there were enough vegetables today did the villagers give up. However, before they left, they still told Song Yao to keep the cabbage for herself.

After finally sending the neighbors away, Gu Li and Song Ping sorted out a pile of vegetables they had collected. Fresh vegetables were placed in one basket, and stale vegetables were placed in another basket. There were also chickens and ducklings sent by the neighbors today. She had wanted Song Xiao to weave a cage and put them in, but Song Xiao was gone.

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“Where’s my brother?”

Song Yao carried Baby Xuan and searched the house for her brother. Gu Li shouted twice, but her son did not come back.

Just as the family thought that something had happened to Song Xiao and was about to mobilize the entire village to find him, Song Xiao came back drenched.

Gu Li went forward and handed him a towel. “Where did you go? Why are you covered in water?”

Song Xiao scratched his head and took out a live fish from the basket on his back. “Sister, didn’t you say that you wanted to catch some fish and sell them to the state-owned restaurant?”

Song Yao looked at her brother in surprise. She did say that she wanted to catch some fish and send it to the owner of the state-owned restaurant, but she didn’t know if Lin Feng would accept it.

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But even if he didn’t want it, she could sell it at the market.

Song Yao quickly boiled a pot of water for Song Xiao and motioned for him to wipe his body.

Today, Song Yao bought a bicycle. After selling the goods and collecting the chickens and ducks, she still had more than a hundred yuan left. She used the remaining money to buy a bag of milk powder and a piece of pork for Baby Xuan at the supply and marketing cooperative.

She had to wake up early tomorrow to deliver goods to Lin Feng. She had to eat something good today.

Gu Li cut a few pieces of pork and stewed them with cabbage. The remaining pork was planned to be boiled with quail eggs for braised taste.

During the meal, Song Xiao had already taken a shower and changed into a new set of clothes. Song Yao picked up a piece of meat for her brother’s bowl and said, “Dad, Mom, Xiao woke up early and was greedy in order to help me do business. I said before that I wanted to give him a salary, but now that I think about it, it’s not good. Why don’t we do this? In the future, Xiao will get 40% of every sum of money I earn from doing business.”

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“That won’t do!” Song Ping was the first to smash his chopsticks and object. “How difficult is it for you and your baby? How can Xiao take your money?”

Even Song Xiao said, “Sister… I only helped out. I didn’t help anything else. How can I ask you for so much money?”

“Why can’t you take my money?” Song Yao smiled. “Speaking of which, ever since I got divorced, you guys have been helping me a lot. If it weren’t for Xiao helping me carry my things, I wouldn’t have been able to do this business! So, not only does Xiao have to get a share of this money, but you guys also have to get a share!”

“We’re a family, don’t be so polite!” Gu Li’s tone was not too good either. “We’re all family. What’s wrong with helping each other? Besides, you just got divorced and have a child with you!”

Song Yao wanted to explain that she wasn’t being polite, so Gu Li said, “If you really think that your brother has to save some money when he’s older, just give him 10%! Let this young brat know that he should save some money! Be a man! Otherwise, which girl will be willing to follow him in the future?”

“That’s right. You are even going to give us money! Aren’t you going to support us in our old age in the future? Won’t people laugh at them if they hear this?”

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Song Yao smiled apologetically. Although her parents had decided to give her younger brother 10%, as his elder sister, she couldn’t be too stingy. After thinking about it, she decided to give her younger brother 30%. She also wanted him to save some money so that he could marry a wife in the future!

The next morning, before dawn, Song Yao got off the bed after feeding the child. When she saw that the pot was still hot with millet porridge, she guessed that Gu Li had woken up early to make it for her.

Song Yao finished two big bowls of porridge and hurried out of the door. At this time, Song Xiao also got up. The siblings placed a carrying pole on the back of the bicycle and a wicker basket on one side. Song Yao carried one on her back and rode the bicycle to the county.

He looked up at the clock. It was not even seven o’clock yet!

“I told you you two were early.”

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