Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Collecting Eggs

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“You’re really selling it?” Song Yao asked the owner of the car as she took out the money.

The old man nodded. “I’ll sell it! But if anything happens to the bicycle in the future, I won’t be responsible!”

Song Feng smiled. “So be it. We have to repair it anyway.”

The old man who sold the car took the ten yuan from Song Yao with an ugly expression. However, it was better to sell it than to let it rot at home. He waved his hand and asked Song Yao to ride the car out.

It was much more convenient to do anything with a bicycle!

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Song Yao spent five yuan to change all the damaged parts on the car. After saying goodbye to Song Feng, Song Yao pushed the bicycle and took Song Xiao to the wholesale market.

This time, not only did Song Yao wholesale the necessities like firewood, rice, oil, and salt, but she also bought a few catties of walnut crisps and newly arrived sorghum.

She turned around and was about to sell something else when she realized that the boss of the wholesale market had brought in a large box with the words “Instant Noodles” written on it. She suddenly remembered that in her dream, Baby Xuan had been beaten up by Pang Jiao because he had secretly eaten a mouthful of instant noodles bought by her at Mei Zhao’s house. When he grew up, even if he didn’t have money to eat, he would buy a bag of instant noodles to cook and eat!

This noodles would probably become a trend. Even after more than ten years, there would still be people who liked it!

Thinking of this, Song Yao asked, “Comrade, how much is this noodles?”

The wholesale market owner flipped through the ledger. “This one’s newly arrived. Three bucks a box. All the kids in town love it.”

Song Yao took out three yuan from her wallet. “Give me a box.”

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Song Xiao quickly pulled her back. “Sister, this thing is so expensive. Can we sell it in the village?”

Song Yao raised an eyebrow at him. “Didn’t you say that you would give Wei a toy gun in a few days?”

“Sister… I was just joking…” Song Xiao scratched his head.

Song Yao smiled. “I know you’re joking. I’m planning to buy toys for Wei during his exams in a few days. I’ll also go to the school gate to sell some things.”

So this instant noodles was prepared for those children?

Song Xiao looked at Song Yao in surprise. His sister was really hooked on money. She wanted to earn anyone’s money!

Because she planned to sell them at school, Song Yao bought some toy guns and plush toys that children would like. She also bought a box of Arctic soda.

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The wholesale market in the county was cheaper than in the village. Song Yao remembered that Gu Li had said a few days ago that she wanted to make some braised eggs. Song Yao simply bought all the ingredients she needed and put them all in the basket on her back before tying them to the back of the bicycle.

Because she had bought a lot of things, she had filled three large wicker baskets! Song Yao had no choice but to carry one on her back and tie the other two to the bicycle.

Song Xiao looked at the shaky bicycle and was a little worried. “Sister, why don’t you take the bus back?”

Song Yao hesitated for a long time. “We’ve already bought a bicycle. Why don’t we go back together? How are you going to go back alone with so many things?”

Song Xiao thought for a moment. These two baskets weighed at least a hundred catties. It was indeed a little troublesome for him to ride alone. “Then I’ll ride it. As a man, I should protect my sister!”

Song Yao was caught between laughter and tears. “You can ride it. I’ll ride it halfway.”

At first, Song Xiao didn’t know what Song Yao meant until she was exhausted after riding for a while. Song Yao got out of the car and wanted to change seats with Song Xiao.

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Song Xiao panted heavily. “Sister, am I a good-for-nothing?”

Song Yao was caught between laughter and tears. “What are you thinking about? This thing is so heavy. It would be strange if you can ride it.”

The siblings rode their bicycles around one mountain road after another. When they entered the village, Song Yao did not go home immediately. Instead, she entered the village to sell things.

“I’m selling sugar, vinegar, salt, tea, biscuits, and rice sticks~”

With Song Yao’s shout, everyone in the village looked over. Song Yao’s selling price was still the same as before. There were tickets and money to be collected. If they didn’t have enough money, they could exchange for poultry, vegetables, mountain goods, eggs, and so on.

In less than an hour, half of the things in the three baskets were empty. Other than the unopened instant noodles and soda, two plush toys and toy guns were sold, and half of the other daily necessities and biscuits were sold. Song Yao also collected twenty chicks, ten geese, six ducks, and a lot of eggs and fresh vegetables.

When Song Yao pushed her bicycle home, she happened to see her neighbor, Mrs Wang, coming over to deliver eggs.

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