Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Secondhand Bicycle

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Wei pulled a toy gun out of a drawer. His childish face was furious. “This bastard! He tried to give my nephew away! I’ll shoot him!”

Song Yao was caught between laughter and tears. She squatted down and touched his head. “How old are you? You’re still a child. Why are you so bitter and hateful all day long?”

She finished and made Wei a big bowl of orange soda for him to drink.

Wei pouted, feeling wronged.

How was he a child? He was already ten years old this year! Even Auntie said that he was an indomitable man!

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Who were they looking down on? Sooner or later, he would give Yu Yong a good beating!

Today was the weekend, and the clothing factory would take half a day off. Song Yao took advantage of the fact that her aunt wasn’t back yet to put the pork ribs she had bought into the sink to defrost. She also cut some onions, ginger, and garlic and waited for her aunt to come back from work to eat together.

In the bedroom, Wei was not in the mood to do his homework. He bit the end of his pencil and asked Song Xiao, “Brother Xiao, I heard from Auntie that Sister Yao made a lot of money doing business?”

Song Xiao patted Wei’s head. “It’s just the beginning. Don’t worry, when I earn money, I’ll bring you to buy candy!”

Wei shook his head. “I don’t want candy.”

“Then what are you buying?” Song Xiao was caught between laughter and tears. Which child didn’t like to eat candy?

“I want to buy a stick! I want to give that bastard Yu Yong a good beating!” Wayne clenched his fists.

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Song Xiao couldn’t help but snicker. “I support you on this!”

“Great!” Wei clapped his hands. “Then it’s a deal! When I take my final exam the day after tomorrow, remember to bring me along to teach Yu Yong a lesson!”

About an hour later, Song Feng got off work from the clothing factory. As soon as she entered, she saw Song Yao making a table full of dishes.

“Child, it’s hard enough for you to work! How can I let you work at my house?”

Song Yao smiled. “It’s fine.This is nothing.”

Song Feng called the two brothers in the bedroom out for dinner and said to Song Yao, “But you came at the right time today! There happens to be a neighbor in Aunt’s building who wants to sell bicycles!”

“Really?” Song Yao wiped her hands. She was worried about not being able to buy a suitable bicycle!

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Song Feng said, “Don’t be happy too early. How’s the business going? Have you sold all the wholesale goods that day?”

Song Yao turned off the pressure cooker and scooped out the braised pork ribs. “Don’t worry! Business is good. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be thinking about buying a bicycle!”

“You usually look honest. I didn’t expect you to have the talent to do business!” Song Feng teased. Then, she looked at the pork ribs that Song Yao had just scooped out of the pot and rebuked, “I know you earn money! But you can’t spend money recklessly. How expensive are pork ribs?”

Song Yao brought the pork ribs to the dining table and smiled. “It’s fine as long as it’s delicious. Just treat it as nourishment for Wei.”

There was nothing wrong with what she said, but as her aunt, Song Feng still suggested that Song Yao save more money. After all, she had a son with her. If she had money, it would be easier for her son to marry a wife when he grew up.

After eating and drinking to their heart’s content, Song Xiao continued to play with Wei at home. Song Feng took Song Yao to the family that sold bicycles.

As soon as she entered the courtyard, Song Yao smelled a strong smell of paint. An old rusty bicycle was parked by the side of the road. The iron sheet on the bicycle had fallen off, and dirty stains were stuck to it, emitting an unpleasant stench.

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The triangular cushion on the bicycle had lost a layer of skin, revealing the foam cushion inside. One of the handlebars was broken, and the front of the car was bare. There was not even a bell.

“How much do you plan to sell this bicycle for?” Song Yao rode on it and tried it out. She found that other than the car being a little old and there were still some parts that needed to be replaced, there were no other big problems.

The car seller hesitated for a long time. “If you really want it, let’s make it cheaper. We’re from the same family, and the car is so old… How about this? I’ll give you 40 yuan!”

40 yuan… Song Yao gave Song Feng a look. Song Feng pulled Song Yao and was about to leave. “You’re not selling it sincerely! Who would want to buy an old car with broken parts for 40 yuan? Do you think we’re stupid?!”

The old man who sold the bicycle also felt a little embarrassed. 40 yuan was indeed a little expensive. “Then how much do you want? Shall I give you a cheaper price?”

Song Feng said, “10 yuan!”

The boss looked troubled. “This, this is too low… How about 35 yuan?”

Song Feng pursed his lips. “You want me to pay 35 yuan for this lousy bicycle? Just 10 yuan! If you think it’s cheap, don’t sell it!”

If he didn’t sell it, how would he have the money to buy a new bicycle? The car seller’s expression was ugly. When he saw Song Feng leaving the family’s residence with Song Yao without looking back, he chased after them while they were still not far away. “10 yuan it is! I’ll sell it.”

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