Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Chance Encounter with Yu Yong

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“Yao, I was wrong. Can you come back?”

After not seeing Yu Yong for a few days, he looked much more haggard than usual. Not only had he grown a stubble, but even his clothes were the same as the ones she had worn when she wanted to divorce Yu Yong.

“Yu Yong! You bastard! If it weren’t for you, my sister wouldn’t have become what she is today!”

Before Song Yao could react, Song Xiao’s fist had already hit Yu Yong’s face.

The corner of Yu Yong’s mouth was already bleeding. No matter how Song Xiao hit him, he still wanted to get close to Song Yao. “Yao, I was wrong. Can you come back?”


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Song Yao rejected him with a cold expression. “I’ve already made it very clear to you! Let’s get a divorce! The child belongs to me!”

“Are you… really not going to consider it?”

Yu Yong’s heart felt like it was being pricked by needles. He clearly hated pestering people the most, but divorce… He would want to fight for it. He didn’t believe that Song Yao was really planning to give up on him.

“Consider my ass! You’ve already done such a thing, and you still have the cheek to ask my sister to go back with you!” Song Xiao said and wanted to punch him again, but he was stopped by Song Yao this time.

She looked at Yu Yong as if she was looking at a stranger. “When will the divorce report be released? Let’s settle the procedures as soon as possible so that there won’t be any trouble.”

Yu Yong felt even worse. “Yao, have you really thought it through?”

Song Yao looked at him coldly. “I’ve thought it through!”

“Okay…” Yu Yong took a few steps back. “Don’t worry. I’ll send the clothes for you and the child to you another day. As for our divorce, I’ll let you know when they’ve informed me.”

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Only then did Song Yao heave a sigh of relief. She did not look at Yu Yong and thanked him coldly. Yu Yong felt even more ironic when he heard that. He suddenly punched the wall…

When Song Yao returned home, Gu Li was still washing rice in the courtyard.

Seeing the siblings return with empty baskets on their backs, she could guess what was going on. “Have you sold everything?”

Song Yao smiled and didn’t say anything. It was Song Xiao who said, “Mom! The batch of mountain goods my sister received was chosen by the state-owned restaurant!”

“Really?” Gu Li looked at Song Yao in surprise.

She knew that her daughter was capable, but she didn’t know that her daughter was so capable! Not only had she sold everything, but she had even caught the eye of a state-owned restaurant!

Song Yao returned to her room to feed Baby Xuan, wondering if she should buy a car next. After all, it wasn’t good to always freeload off Auntie Su. In addition, she had to go to the wholesale market to buy some daily necessities to sell in the countryside. She felt that one day wasn’t enough.

At this moment, Gu Li knocked on the door and came in to see the child. Seeing Song Yao’s haggard face, she went forward and asked, “I heard from Xiao that the two of you met Yu Yong on the way back?”

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Song Yao’s lips twitched. “He said he doesn’t want a divorce.”

Gu Li frowned when she heard that. “Then what do you think?”

“Divorce, of course!” Song Yao answered without thinking.

Gu Li heaved a sigh of relief and nodded. “Yu Yong’s family is too complicated. He’s begging you to go back now, but what about after you come back? Will he change his ways and treat you well? No!”

Song Yao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Mom, I really never thought of going back. I won’t forgive him for the rest of my life!”

The next day was just in time for the weekend.

Song Yao did not enter the city or the village. Instead, she went to her aunt’s house in the county.

It just so happened that Aunt’s nephew, Wei, was at home. When Song Yao and Song Xiao rushed to Aunt’s house, Ah Wei was still doing his homework in the living room. When he saw Song Yao and her brother standing outside the door, he was instantly excited.

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“Sister Yao! Brother Xiao! Why are you here?!”

Song Yao squatted down and touched the little guy’s head. “Of course it’s because I miss Wei. Did you miss Sister Yao?”

Wei nodded. “Of course I do!”

Song Yao had watched Wei grow up. Back then, when Ah Wei was just born, his biological father had met with a mishap. His biological mother had a difficult labor, so his custody was handed over to Song Feng, who had no children.

However, at that time, Song Feng was busy working overtime at the clothing factory and didn’t have time to care about a baby who hadn’t weaned yet. It had happened to be in time for Song Yao to go to her aunt’s house during the summer break, so she took care of him. Even the name Wei was given by Song Yao. Therefore, in Wei’s eyes, Song Yao was no different from his biological sister.

“Sister, I heard from Aunt that you’re divorced. Did that bastard Yu Yong bully you?”

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