Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Egg Beauty

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Song Xiao was so angry that he grabbed the man’s collar. “My sister was almost hit by you! What do you think?”

“I’m really sorry! It’s my fault! Why don’t we go to the hospital for a checkup?” The man said and was about to hail a taxi to take Song Yao to the hospital.

“I’m not going to the hospital!” Song Yao panted heavily. At most, she was frightened. If she went to the hospital and the other party extorted her, wouldn’t it be even more troublesome?

“Why don’t we go to the hospital?” The man looked a little anxious. He thought that Song Yao was worried about spending money. “Don’t worry! I’ll pay for the medical fees!”

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“This is not about the medical fees!” Song Yao interrupted the man and opened the basket on her back. Fortunately, the things inside were fine, and only two eggs were broken. “Forget it, you don’t have to pay.”

Song Xiao was a little angry. “Sister! Why don’t you let him pay? We have eggs in our basket! What if they break?”

Song Yao rubbed her eyebrows. “The eggs aren’t broken. Let’s go back quickly.”

After saying that, she pulled her brother up and was about to leave when the man behind her chased after her. “Wait? What did you just say? Eggs? How many eggs do you have left?”

Song Yao was shocked by the man’s reaction. “Do you… want to buy it?”

She opened the wicker basket. There were more than twenty eggs and more than three catties of fresh mushrooms inside. They looked quite fresh.

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“How much are these? I want them all!” The man said as he took out a note from his pocket. “Is this enough?”

Song Yao was dumbfounded. “Sir, I was frightened at most, and only two or three eggs were broken. You don’t have to buy so many things to apologize.”

The man frowned. “You’ve misunderstood! I’m actually Lin Feng, the procurer of the state-owned restaurant! Our restaurant doesn’t have enough eggs. I went to the market today. The eggs they sell are small, and they’re asking for a high price! I think yours is not bad. At least it looks like a proper egg. I’m willing to pay any price.”

So he was the procurer of the state-owned restaurant?

Song Yao seized the opportunity and recommended herself. “Our eggs are produced from our own chickens. They’re very nutritious. If you want more, we can work together! We usually sell eggs for 1.40 yuan each. If we work together, even if it’s 1.20 yuan, I can send you fresh eggs every day.”

Lin Feng agreed immediately. It was the same price to buy it outside. If it wasn’t as big as this, why wouldn’t he buy something good?

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“Then it’s settled! I think the mushrooms you sell are not bad! Send them to me too!”

Song Yao didn’t expect to be able to build a relationship with the state-owned restaurant, so she quickly nodded. “No problem! Do you need any other vegetables or meat? I can send them over for you!”

“You mean you can provide other ingredients?” Lin Feng looked at Song Yao in surprise.

This woman was young and beautiful, but she was actually so capable! If any man could marry her, it would really be a blessing from eight lifetimes!

Song Yao didn’t know what Lin Feng was thinking. She said calmly, “You can tell me in advance what ingredients you need. I’ll think of a way to send them to you, but the price might be a little higher than the market price. After all, we have to ensure the freshness and quality of the vegetables. We’ll only be at ease if the guests eat them, right?”

“You’re right!”

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Lin Feng looked at Song Yao in agreement. “Then let’s sign the contract. However, I have to tell our leader about this. If he’s satisfied, you might have to work harder. Every morning at seven o’clock, you have to come to the county’s state-run restaurant to deliver food. In addition, our leader has a higher requirement for ingredients. You have to ensure that the food you send is fresh, or we won’t accept it.”

“That’s not a problem! It’s fine to work harder! We guarantee that the vegetables will be absolutely fresh! If you’re not satisfied, you can terminate the cooperation at any time!”

Lin Feng immediately reported Song Yao’s situation to the owner of the state-owned restaurant. The other party agreed without hesitation after knowing that Song Yao could provide all the fresh ingredients.

After Song Yao confirmed the price of the ingredients with the owner of the state-run restaurant over the phone, she carried the two empty baskets on her back and boarded the last bus.

Unexpectedly, she bumped into an acquaintance as soon as she got out of the car.

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