Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Making a Small Earning

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Song Yao did not reply. She set up the stall and shouted, “Selling eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs! They’re all domestic chickens! They’re nutritious and delicious!”

“There’s also fresh mushrooms, fungus, hazelnuts, and chestnuts! They’re all top-notch mountain goods! These ingredients would be perfect for a stew and as gifts! It’ll be more affordable to buy more!”

Not long after, a madam carrying a vegetable basket was attracted over. “How much is a goose egg?”

Song Yao replied, “10 cents 80 for one.”

The madam’s expression changed. “Isn’t this too expensive? The goose eggs in the market now are only 1.30 yuan per catty!”

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Song Yao smiled. “Sister, this is different from the goose eggs sold outside. This is from our own goose! It has high nutritional value and is big! Isn’t it great to give it as a gift?”

After saying that, she even took the goose egg from the basket and showed it to the auntie. It was indeed very big!

Seeing that the madam was still hesitating, Song Yao continued, “If you buy ten eggs, we’ll give you two more eggs! They’re all domesticated and fresh!”

The middle-aged woman was unwilling to leave with her basket, but she had no intention of buying either. Song Yao continued, “If you can get the people you know over, we’ll give you 1.60 yuan per egg. If you buy ten, I’ll give you three more eggs! What do you think?”

The madam thought for a moment and finally said, “Then give me ten. After all, my daughter-in-law is in confinement. As her mother-in-law, if I can’t even afford a goose egg, I don’t know what outsiders will say about me.”

“Daughter-in-law is in confinement? Then let’s have some mushrooms. Stew them with chicken. It’s best for lactation!”

As Song Yao spoke, she took out the mushroom and showed it to the madam. The madam reached out and pinched it. It was indeed fresh mushrooms!

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She asked, “How much does this mushroom cost per catty?”

“Eighty cents. This thing doesn’t weigh. You can get more!” Song Yao immediately replied.

The madam hesitated for a long time, thinking that since she had already bought goose eggs, she had to get some mushrooms. “Then half a catty of mushrooms!”

Song Yao picked up the scale she carried with her and piled up nearly eight taels!

“40 cents!” She smiled and handed the bag to the madam.

The madam quickly paid the bill. Together with the goose egg she had just bought, Song Yao earned two yuan in less than a few minutes!

The woman selling vegetables next door was envious. She wondered why Song Yao could earn so much money even though she was selling so expensively. She had been setting up a stall for almost a month, but she could not even earn a single yuan a day!

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“Sister! You’re too amazing!” Not to mention the vegetable seller, even Song Xiao was confused.

Song Yao blinked at him. “You don’t understand, do you? There are some things that you don’t think are worth this price, but some people think they are!”

It was just like a goose egg. In the beginning, she bought it for 1.2 cents each and sold it for 1.8 cents in the county. If she could get someone to buy it together, it would be 1.6 cents. Therefore, even if it was based on the lowest profit, Song Yao would be able to earn 40 cents if she sold a goose egg!

However, this was only a small sum. The real profit was actually mushrooms. Every family in the countryside had these things, so they could not be sold for much. However, people in the county could buy them for 50 cents a catty!

Song Yao glanced at the fresh mushrooms in the basket on her back. Their mushrooms were fresher and bigger than the ones sold by the other stall owners. It was reasonable to sell them for eighty cents a catty.

After a while, another big sister came over with a basket of vegetables. She said that it was introduced by the madam who bought goose eggs just now. She weighed two catties of hazelnuts and one catty of mushrooms, which was two and a half yuan in total. Song Yao also told the big sister that if she could pull someone over, she could give a low price.

After about half an hour, the nearby residents surrounded Song Yao’s stall and fought to buy things. Song Yao did not hesitate and welcomed them warmly with a smile. Song Xiao, who was beside her, could still tell jokes to make the female comrade happy. The things the siblings brought over were quickly sold out.

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The two large baskets that were originally full were now only left with a few eggs and some fresh mushrooms.

It was almost noon, and there weren’t many people buying groceries in the market. Song Yao didn’t plan to wait any longer. She packed up her basket and prepared to go to the wholesale market to buy some daily necessities to sell in more remote places.

Unexpectedly, on the way to the wholesale market, she bumped into a bicycle driving towards Song Xiao!

She was just about to remind her brother to be careful when she was almost bumped into the next second!

Fortunately, the bicycle owner pressed the brakes in time. He stopped the bicycle by the roadside and kept apologizing. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! The brakes failed just now! Are you alright?”

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