Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Sell Goods in the City

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“You’re right! How can we tolerate this!”

Gu Li agreed with Song Yao. One had to know that her daughter’s personality was usually soft. Why had she become so eloquent now? She must have suffered too much in the Yu family!

Thinking of Chen Lian’s arrogant appearance when she came to visit, she had probably bullied her daughter a lot in the Yu family!

She was so angry that she wiped away two drops of tears and said, “The next time the Yu family comes, I’ll get your brother to chase them away! They’re bullying Yao! Seriously! Why did you wait until now to get a divorce!”

Song Yao smiled bitterly. If Yu Yong hadn’t given her son to her old comrade, she wouldn’t have woken up so quickly.

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At first, she thought that as long as she could live with Yu Yong, she would have hope no matter how tired she was. Now that she thought about it, it was just her own wishful thinking!

After dinner, Gu Li took the passbook into Song Yao’s room.

“Daughter, do you still have enough money? Mom still has more than a thousand yuan. I originally planned to save it for Xiao to marry a wife… but now, you need capital to do business.”

More than 1,000 yuan… Song Yao’s eyes turned red. This was the savings her parents had saved up their entire lives.

She still remembered that in her dream, she took this money back to curry favor with Yu Yong. In the end, this money was cheated by Chen Lian. In the end, when her parents were buried, she couldn’t even afford a decent straw mat!

She pushed the passbook over. “Mom, I have enough money on hand. I didn’t spend a single cent of the dowry and betrothal gift you gave me back then. It’s all in the bank! Besides, Xiao and I will go to the city to sell the mountain goods tomorrow and earn a lot of money!”

Hearing her daughter say that the dowry and betrothal gifts were still in her hands, Gu Li heaved a sigh of relief. “Then rest early. You still have to go to the city to sell goods tomorrow morning.”

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The next morning, at dawn, Song Yao and Song Xiao rushed to town with heavy baskets on their backs to take the bus. However, before the bus arrived, they bumped into Mrs. Su, who was driving a donkey cart over.

“Isn’t this Song Yao and Song Xiao? Why are they selling goods so early?”

Song Yao smiled at her. “Mrs. Su, we’re reselling things in the county today.”

She thought that it would be great if she had a car too. If she wanted to enter the city, it would not be so strenuous.

Mrs. Su shouted for the donkey to stop and even left a seat for the siblings. “What? You’re going into the city too? Why don’t you two join me? I was planning to go into the city to market.”

“Are you two planning to go into the city to sell mushrooms and eggs?” After Mrs. Su finished speaking, she couldn’t help but look at the basket behind Song Yao.

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Song Yao immediately handed four large duck eggs to Mrs. Su. “Da Bao is still growing. He needs more nutrition.”

When Mrs. Su saw the eggs, she immediately beamed with joy, but on the surface, she refused. “That’s too much to receive. You just got divorced and have a child to raise. You’re short of money.”

Song Yao directly stuffed the duck egg into Mrs. Su’s hands. “Just keep it! If it weren’t for you, I don’t know how long we would have waited here!”

She didn’t like to owe people favors, but she didn’t have much money on hand now. If she wanted to empty the mountain goods into the county, she could only ask for help.

Mrs. Su saw that the duck eggs were quite big. If she marinated some salty, fresh, and delicious duck eggs, they would be so delicious!

“You’re too polite.” Mrs. Su smiled and took the duck egg. “Song Yao, if you still want to enter the city in the future, come and look for Mrs. Su! It’s a waste not to use the donkey at home. You might as well enter the city and take a look!”

This was what Song Yao had been waiting for. She immediately agreed. “Alright! I’ll send you a few more duck eggs!”

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Mrs. Su’s heart lit up when she heard this! Not only did she wave her whip and quicken her pace, but she also found a good place with a lot of people for Song Yao!

The street nearby was filled with people buying things. After Song Yao got out of the car, she found a corner and saw her stall as soon as she entered the market.

When Song Yao set up the stall, the woman selling vegetables at the stall next door had just arrived. When she saw Song Yao selling a pile of mountain goods and a small amount of chicken, duck, and goose eggs, she immediately pursed her lips. Could she sell all these things?

“How much for an egg?”

Song Yao carefully placed the eggs in the basket and replied, “10 cents 40.”

“Isn’t it too expensive?” The female vegetable seller couldn’t help but say, “A catty of pork is only two yuan now! If you have the money to buy pork, why buy eggs?”

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