Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Chen Lian Causing Trouble

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When Song Yao rushed back, she saw a few people standing in the courtyard. Chen Lian, who was in the lead, shouted at the top of her lungs, “Your daughter is being unreasonable. I don’t care if she wants to divorce my son! But how can she use my family’s money to do business?”

Gu Li said angrily, “What are you talking about? Who took your money?”

“Why didn’t you take it? Otherwise, where did your daughter get the money to do business? Everyone is here to judge. How can you bully an honest person like this!”

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Chen Lian’s voice wasn’t soft. After a while, the Song family’s door was filled with people. Chen Lian continued to shout at the top of her lungs, “Our son’s money is in Song Yao’s hands! This b*tch took my son’s money and wants to take our eldest grandson away! Isn’t she just bullying our son?”

“Bullsh*t! If you hadn’t taken Yao’s six-month-old child away, would Yao have divorced your son? What do you mean by spending your son’s money? Pfft!” After Gu Li finished speaking, she saw Song Yao enter the courtyard and immediately went up to her with a smile.

“Daughter! You’re back?”

She put away the basket that Song Yao had put down and whispered, “Not long after you left, your mother-in-law came. She said that you spent her son’s money…”

Song Yao looked back at Chen Lian, who was in a sorry state, and said indifferently, “I’ve never spent Yu Yong’s money.”

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When Chen Lian heard this, she was immediately unhappy. “How can you do business if you don’t spend money? My son gives you a salary every month! What did he do to you? But you! You’re clamoring to divorce my son because of such a small matter?”

How could giving a child that she had painstakingly given birth to to a comrade be considered a small matter? Song Yao was shocked by how shameless this old lady was!

However, this was also good! There were some things that had to be clarified sooner or later!

“Since you’re the one who brought it up, I’ll calculate it with you today! Your son’s monthly salary is 50 yuan! He only gives me 35 yuan! I think you know better than me whose pocket the remaining 15 yuan went into!”

“I’ve recorded those 35 yuan in my account book every month! We have a few people in our family, and I’m the one who pays the usual expenses! Also, I send things to Yu Yong’s army every month! You should know all of this! Why are you asking me now?”

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“That’s also my son’s money! Otherwise, where would you get the money to do business? Why do you still want to spend my son’s money after the divorce?”

Chen Lian placed her hands on her hips. She didn’t believe that a woman like Song Yao could use money to do business! She definitely relied on her son!

Song Yao sucked in a breath of cold air. “What do you mean by your son’s money? Every cent he earns after marriage is joint property of the husband and wife! I also have a share of your family’s land! As for you saying that I spent his money? As a man, doesn’t Yu Yong have to pay for the child’s support? Did I give birth to the child alone?”

Seeing that she couldn’t win against Song Yao, Chen Lian gritted her teeth in anger. “Pfft! What do you mean by common property?! Land is our Yu Family’s land! That belongs to my son! My eldest grandson is also our Old Yu Family’s eldest grandson! What does it have to do with you?! Song Yao, let me tell you! Either you continue to live with my son now, or return my eldest grandson and money to me!”

Seeing how aggressive Chen Lian was, Song Xiao said bluntly, “Stupid old woman! What did my sister do to your Yu family? I’ll tell you today! My sister is definitely getting a divorce! As for you! Get out of my house!”

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The young man in his teens was furious. Chen Lian was a little afraid. “Is this how you talk to your elders? Song Yao! Is this the upbringing of your Song family?”

Song Yao sneered. “Mom! On account that I haven’t divorced Yu Yong yet, I’ll call you Mom! But it’s impossible not to get a divorce! If you want money, let Yu Yong come and get it himself!”

After Song Yao finished speaking, she pushed Chen Lian out of the courtyard. She didn’t care how Chen Lian scolded outside the door and refused to open the door no matter what!

Song Yao entered the house and started to coax her son. Gu Li pouted at the door. “I thought she came all the way here to see her grandson. I didn’t expect her to come here to ask for money!”

Song Yao snorted coldly. “I haven’t asked her for the dowry and land deed yet, but she’s so good! She even took the initiative to look for me.”

Gu Li poured a bowl of brown sugar water for Song Yao. “But you’re really too much! You actually asked Yu Yong to come to our door. Are you really planning to give him the child and money?”

Song Yao finished the brown sugar water in her bowl. “The child must belong to me! The child support fees can’t be reduced at all. It’s useless for Yu Yong to look for me! If she has the ability, she can sue me in court! Everyone in the village knows that Yu Yong sent the child away. I don’t believe that the court will give the child to such a person, and I don’t believe that the law won’t let us get a single cent!”

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