Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Entering the Village to Harvest Mushrooms

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At the thought of Yu Yong sending money to Song Yao every month, Chen Lian gritted her teeth in anger!

This woman must have used her son’s money to do business. In the future, she might even bring their Yu family’s flesh and blood to marry another wild man!

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Chen Lian wished she could tear Song Yao apart and snatch her grandson back!

Without another word, Chen Lian called Yu Chun and the few of them walked towards the Song Family’s village.

On the other side, Song Yao also left the house. After leaving the Song Family Village, it was the Yu Family’s village. Song Yao decided to take a detour. She didn’t want to encounter the Yu Family at this time and quarrel again.

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She planned to visit the Yu family after selling the goods and pack the remaining things. At the same time, she wanted to have a good talk with the Yu family and settle the score before the divorce.

They had to pass by a Wu Family Valley if they wanted to take a shortcut. Seeing that there were still residents here, Song Yao shouted at the top of her lungs, “Selling sauce, vinegar, salt, and sugar snacks. There are all kinds of things that adults and children like! Don’t miss them~”

“I guarantee that it will be sold at the same price as outside! The more you buy, the cheaper it will be!”

“Madam! Do you want one kilogram of white flour?”

The madam who passed by was a little tempted. “How much is a catty?”

Song Yao directly opened the white flour from the basket on her back and showed it to the other party. “White flour costs eight cents per catty. If you can buy ten catties, it’ll be six cents per catty!”

“Wow, it’s really cheap! Give me ten catties then.” As the madam spoke, she had already taken out the food coupons from her pocket.

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Song Yao picked up the scale she carried with her and weighed five kilograms of white flour for her. “It’s a total of 60 cents! Do you want to look at something else?”

“No need, no need!” The madam waved her hands repeatedly. She picked up the white flour and was about to leave when a strong-looking little boy popped out from behind her.

He grabbed her thigh and refused to let her leave. “Mother! I want to eat candy!”

When the madam heard this, she was unhappy. “Where’s the candy? Go home and do your homework!”

“No! That sister already said that she has candy in her basket!”

After all, he was still a child. He had already heard Song Yao’s shouts and smelled the fragrance of biscuits and white sugar. If she said that she wouldn’t buy it now, would the child agree?

As expected, seeing that the madam was still unwilling to give in, the little boy started crying. No matter how the madam pulled him, he refused to go back.

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In the end, the madam compromised. She gritted her teeth and asked, “Daughter, how much is this white sugar for a catty? Can I not pay with a ticket?”

Song Yao smiled. “White sugar costs 80 cents per catty. If you don’t have a ticket, it’s 90 cents.”

“Alright! Give me half a catty. I’ll satisfy my child’s craving!” As the madam spoke, she took out the scattered ninety cents from her pocket and handed it to Song Yao.

Song Yao let Song Xiao take the money and even specially grabbed a handful of rice strips for the little boy. The little boy was so happy that he couldn’t close his mouth. After a while, he pulled a group of friends over to join in the fun.

Song Yao didn’t find it annoying and warmly welcomed them one after another. When the nearby villagers saw that Song Yao was polite and the things she sold were cheap, they all came over to buy them.

The crowded road was filled with villagers, and Song Xiao was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect his sister to have such an ability! Not only did she sell everything in a few minutes, but she also took back a lot of mountain goods!

“Sis, why are you collecting so many duck eggs? It’s ten cents each. Where doesn’t this thing exist? And this hazelnut, even our family doesn’t eat it. Why do you need so many?”

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“You don’t understand, do you? Everyone in the city buys these things.” Song Yao carefully put the duck eggs she had just collected into the newspaper, as well as the wild mushrooms she had just collected.

She was very confident in the mountain goods she had collected! Even if she might not be able to sell them in a short period of time, she could still continue to think of ways to sell them in the city.

Anyway, she was familiar with traveling far away. If her business expanded in the future, she would have to go overseas to purchase wholesale goods before selling them locally.

On the way back, the siblings carefully carried the wicker basket down the mountain, afraid that they would break the eggs in the basket.

“Xiao, accompany me to the county city tomorrow to sell this mountain good. Otherwise, I’m afraid the mushrooms will spoil if we delay any longer,” Song Yao said.

Song Xiao frowned and looked at Song Yao. “Sister, are you really going to sell it? Can you sell it?”

How could it not be sold? Song Yao was about to speak when she saw Mrs. Su running over anxiously. She grabbed her hand and panted. “Song Yao! Your mother-in-law came to the Song family village! She’s asking your family for money now!”

“Why is she asking my family for money?”

Song Yao only felt that it was ridiculous. However, since she was already here, there were some things she had to talk to Chen Lian about!

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