Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Mother Yu Causing Trouble

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“What are you talking about, Mrs. Tan? How can my small business be considered a big business?” Song Yao smiled humbly.

Song Xiao was not modest at all and said proudly, “Of course, she’s my sister.”

“Hahaha, this girl really has a bright future. I won’t disturb you anymore. I’m going to work in the fields. Otherwise, my grandson will cause a scene when he wakes up later.” Mrs. Tan looked at Song Yao with relief. She lived next door to the Song family and had watched Song Yao grow up. She had long treated her as half a biological daughter. “If you have time, bring Yu Xuan to my house to play with my grandson. These children have to play together to grow up.”

“Okay, Mrs. Tan. I’ll definitely go to your place for a cup of tea when I’m free,” Song Yao said.

“Good child, don’t stand on ceremony with me. Come over to my place when you’re free.” Mrs. Tan smiled from ear to ear.

After saying that, she went to work with the others while Song Yao and Song Xiao continued on their way.

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“Hey, do you think that girl from the Song family has a conflict with the Yu family? I haven’t seen Yu Yong the past few days.”

When Mrs. Tan finished her work in the fields, the sky was bright. She walked on the path with a few of her close neighbors and listened to the chatter of others.

Unexpectedly, she heard Song Yao’s gossip.

“That’s right. Song Yao brought the child back. Did something happen to the Yu family? Besides, how can a woman appear in public to do business these days? Could it be that the family has encountered some difficulties?”

The neighbors guessed one after another, and the more Mrs. Tan listened, the more confused she became.

Chen Lian was also a good friend of Mrs. Tan in her early years. Although the two of them did not contact each other often, how could they be friends who would look coldly at the other party’s family when they were in trouble?

When Mrs. Tan returned home, she busied herself gathering the family for breakfast before carrying her grandson to the Yu Family’s village.

Chen Lian, who was wandering in the field, held her waist and squatted in the field for a long time.

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Today, He Xi and Yu Wen had both gone to work. Other than Yu Chun, there was no one else to work with her in the fields.

She had spent most of her life with Yu Chun and knew how unromantic her husband was.

Yu Chun saw that she did not get up for a long time and did not come to help her. He continued to plow the fields. “If you can’t do it, don’t block the way here.”

“It’s been more than twenty years. Can’t you say something nicer?” Chen Lian complained.

Her backache was an old problem. When it hurt, she couldn’t even walk properly. She thought about how Song Yao would still support her in the past and give her a massage at night. This continued for a year, and she no longer felt her backache.

Now that Song Yao had only left for a few days, her old illness had relapsed. She felt very upset.

At this moment, she heard a familiar voice not far away.

“Chen Lian?”

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“Tan, long time no see!” Chen Lian stood up anxiously when she saw her old friend coming to visit. Then, she heard the sound of bones cracking.

“Where are you feeling unwell?” Mrs. Tan asked.

Chen Lian gritted her teeth and shook her head. She didn’t want to say too much to Mrs. Tan. She was afraid that Mrs. Tan would notice that her waist hurt. “No, everything is fine. What are you doing here?”

“That’s right. If Song Yao hadn’t gone back to her parents’ house, I wouldn’t have known that something had happened to your family,” Mrs. Tan said.

Chen Lian was at a loss, but when she heard that it was about the Song family, her expression changed. “They’re saying bad things behind our backs again!”

“Badmouthing?” Mrs. Tan almost laughed out loud. Chen Lian still valued her face as much as before. “There’s no such thing. The Song family is not that kind of person.”

“Why not? A few days ago, the father and son of the Song family injured my Yu Yong!” Chen Lian retorted in disagreement.

“There’s such a thing?” Mrs. Tanwas in disbelief.

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Chen Lian took the opportunity to tell her about Song Yao and Yu Yong’s divorce. She also hid the fact that Yu Yong had taken the child away. Throughout the process, she accused Song Yao of being unreasonable and falling out with their family.

“I see… No wonder Song Yao started her own business. Sigh, this child reaped what she sowed,” Mrs. Tan said regretfully.

Chen Lian paused when she heard this. She widened her eyes and looked at Mrs. Tan. “Song Yao knows how to do business too?”

“That’s right. The people in our village have been buying things from her for the past few days. I even saw her carrying the goods out to sell this morning,” Mrs. Tan said.

Chen Lian was stunned.

So that was how it was. Song Yao was really an ungrateful little hussy. She was in a hurry to separate from Yu Yong because she had a big deal!

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