Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Selling Goods

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Ever since Mrs. Su patronized Song Yao’s oil and salt business, everyone in the village knew that Song Yao’s family had a “supply and marketing cooperative”.

Recently, villagers who were short of oil and salt came to Song Yao’s house to buy goods.

A week had passed, and Song Yao had sold nearly half of the 50 catties of oil, salt, and vinegar.

However, the Song Family’s village where Song Yao lived did not have a large population, and there were many goods that had not been sold.

The climate in the mountains was humid. Unsealed biscuits, white sugar, and other things were easily damp and could not be preserved well.

Song Yao wanted to sell the remaining goods to the countryside further away.

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There were always people who lacked such necessities. Song Yao believed that she could sell them all.

At night, Song Ping was weaving a bamboo basket in the courtyard. The faint yellow light shone on his skinny back.

After he heard about Song Yao’s plan, he wanted to make a better basket for her before they set off tomorrow morning.

Song Xiao helped to cut the bamboo.

Gu Li sat on a wooden chair and embroidered clothes. She thought that she could give her family a new set of clothes before the new year.

Song Yao hugged Yu Xuan and looked at the sky in the direction of his finger.

Now, the starlight in the sky reflected in Yu Xuan’s eyes, making his eyes as bright as gems.

He clapped his hands, pulled Song Yao’s clothes and pointed to the sky, as if he couldn’t wait to share the treasure he had found in the sky with his mother.

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“The Yu family might come to demand an explanation tomorrow. Are you sure you want to go to another village?” Gu Li couldn’t help but ask when she heard the child’s babbling.

“They won’t come so early,” Song Yao said.

For the past week, she had not received any news of the Yu family coming to discuss the divorce.

Moreover, Song Yao knew that Chen Lian and Yu Chun valued the few plots of land at home the most. They probably wouldn’t come to discuss the divorce until they were done. She could sell her things tomorrow without worry.

“Sigh, it’s all my fault. If it weren’t for the fact that I didn’t let you repeat your studies back then, you wouldn’t have lived such a life.” Gu Li sighed.

Song Yao’s results were top-notch when she was in high school in town. She had originally predicted that she would be able to get into university.

However, on the week before the college entrance examination, Song Yao suddenly had a fever and coughed. She thought that she could last until the end of the college entrance examination, but she did not expect to faint on the day of the college entrance examination and lose her chance.

At that time, Song Ping and Gu Li did not know that they could repeat the college entrance examination. When they found out, it was two years after Song Yao graduated from high school.

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“Look, the youngest son of the Li family next door has already been admitted to university three times and is now in the county city,” Gu Li said regretfully.

“Mom, it’s all in the past. Am I not doing well now?” Song Yao asked.

Now that her business had just started, there were already people patronizing her. She believed that it would gradually improve in the future.

“My silly girl, why are you so positive?” Gu Li sighed and then looked at Song Xiao.

She originally thought that her sister would not be able to make it to the college entrance examination, and her brother would be able to do it. However, Song Xiao’s results were not as good as her sister’s, and he did not even get into the vocational school in town.

After graduating from junior high school, he went home to farm with Song Ping.

“Hehe, Mom, don’t look at me. If I can get in, my family won’t even have a pot to eat.” Song Xiao smiled.

He knew that Gu Li had said that she would sell everything to support her children in university.

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Gu Li rolled her eyes at him. “You don’t have the ability to get in yet. Remember to wake up early tomorrow to sell goods with your sister. Don’t be lazy. Be careful or your sister will deduct your salary.”

“Got it. I won’t wake up late, Mom,” Song Xiao said with a cheeky smile.

The next day, before dawn, the siblings carried their flashlights and new baskets on their backs to sell goods.

Coincidentally, they met a few villagers who were preparing to go farming.

“Isn’t this Song Yao and Song Xiao? They’re working for their family so early in the morning. What good children.” Mrs. Qin, who lived on a small road away from their house, came up to them.

Mrs. Tan came from the Yu Family’s village ten years ago. Song Yao and Yu Yong’s marriage was successful because of her.

She didn’t know that Song Yao and Yu Yong were getting a divorce. She thought that Song Yao was back to visit her family.

When she saw the goods Song Yao had picked out behind her back, she couldn’t help but hold Song Yao’s shoulder and look at her from head to toe. She smiled and said, “You also know how to do big business. Oh my, you’re really promising. Yu Yong is really proud to marry you.”

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