Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: The First Transaction

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“The old ones are cheap. I have an old comrade at my factory who wants to get a new one. He has one. I’ll ask around for you next time and ask for a good price,” Song Feng said.

When Song Yao heard this, she thanked her profusely.

It was not far from town to the county road. When the time came, he would use a bicycle to transport the goods and send an ox cart back. That would be good enough.

Song Feng sent them all the way back to town before setting off to return the car.

Song Yao wanted Song Xiao to flag down an ox cart and go home while she stayed behind to look after the goods. She didn’t expect Song Ping to be the one driving the ox cart.

“Dad.” Song Yao was a little surprised by Song Ping’s appearance.

Song Ping looked at the goods around Song Yao and muttered, “Why did you buy so many?”

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Then, he stopped talking and placed the goods on the ox cart.

Seeing this, Song Yao quickly went to help.

Song Yao’s family had a cow, but it was mainly used for farming. Song Ping had always treated it as a treasure and couldn’t bear to use it to pull a cart.

This time, for Song Yao’s sake, he could be considered to be willing to part with his love.

Song Yao and Song Ping sat on the ox cart while Song Ping drove the ox in front.

The three of them staggered home in the cart.

During this time, Song Ping casually asked Song Yao, “How much did you spend on these? Can you sell them all?”

“These cost 50 yuan. As for the transport fare, Aunt sent us back. There’s no fare,” Song Yao said.

“Dad, if these things can’t be sold, we can keep them for ourselves.” Song Xiao echoed.

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Song Ping’s heart ached when he heard that she had used so much money, but he knew that this was his daughter’s decision. He chose to silently support her and only said, “Remember to thank your aunt another day.”

“Okay, I got it, Dad.” Song Yao nodded and let go of her tightly clenched hands.

The ox cart moved slowly and soon arrived at the village entrance.

“Oh my, isn’t this Elder Song?”

Song Yao and the others were walking home when Mrs. Su, who was hesitating at the entrance of the village, saw them and quickly ran over.

“Didn’t you say that you don’t need your cows to solicit customers?” Mrs. Su carried a basket on her back and wrapped her head in a floral cloth. She looked like she was preparing to go to town.

However, it was getting late. There were no more ox carts at the village entrance.

“Mrs. Su, are you going to town?” Song Yao asked.

Auntie Su saw her narrow her eyes and took a while to recognize Song Yao. “Isn’t this Song Yao? Why are you back? No wonder Elder Song is willing to use his own ox to pull the carriage. Sigh.”

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“Mrs. Su, did you encounter any difficulties?” Song Yao asked.

Song Ping suddenly emphasized, “My ox cart doesn’t accept customers.”

“Hey, look at how nervous you are. I didn’t have any designs on your ox cart. Don’t be nervous.” Mrs. Su sounded a little guilty.

She was indeed going to town. Seeing that Song Ping had an ox cart and wanted his help, she would pay him.

Seeing that Song Ping was determined not to solicit customers, she did not care anymore.

Mrs. Su said, “I coaxed the baby to sleep late today and delayed the time to go to town. There’s no oil or salt at home, and I don’t know how to cook today.”

She wasn’t someone who could hide things, so she said, “My older child is also picky. Without these two things to stir-fry, he won’t eat even more. He’s very stubborn. As his mother, how can I watch him starve? But I can’t go to town to buy now. It’s really worrying.”

Song Yao was delighted when she heard this. She said to Mrs. Su, “If Mrs. Su wants to buy oil and salt. I have them here.”

As she spoke, she showed the goods behind her.

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“So much oil! What happened to your family?” Mrs. Su looked at the cart of goods and said in surprise.

“I have calcium milk biscuits here. This is it. They’re soft and delicious. They’re very suitable for children to snack on. One box costs only one yuan.” Song Yao opened a box of biscuits for Mrs. Su to see.

When Mrs. Su saw this, she gulped and asked Song Yao, “Why did you take so much oil, salt, and biscuits to sell?”

Song Yao nodded.

“That’s good. How much are you selling them for?” Mrs. Su took a few packets of calcium milk biscuits and asked.

“This oil costs 50 cents per catty, and salt costs 50 cents per catty,” Song Yao introduced.

Wasn’t this the price of the supply and marketing cooperative?

Mrs. Su was overjoyed and immediately said, “I want three catties of oil, one catty of salt, and one catty of biscuits! By the way, do you want tickets or cash?”

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