Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Brother’s Help

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“Then I’ll go with my sister!” Song Xiao heard his mother’s words and immediately rushed out of the kitchen.

Song Ping stopped smoking in the courtyard. He had just listened to his daughter’s plan outside the door and heard Song Xiao’s words, so he said, “I think it’s fine. With Xiao accompanying Yao, no one will bully Yao.”

One more person would be an additional help.

Gu Li heaved a sigh of relief and nodded at her daughter.

If Song Yao brought Song Xiao along, she would be more at ease.

Song Xiao touched his neck and said with a red face, “Sister, do I get paid for working for you?”

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As soon as he said that, Gu Li scolded him with a smile, “Kid, you’re working for your sister and you still want money.”

“Don’t I want to buy a piece of clothing for my little nephew?” Song Xiao said angrily, “I’m not greedy for my sister’s savings.”

Song Yao smiled when she heard this. She said to Song Xiao, “If you work for me and I earn money, I will naturally give you money and buy you delicious food. When the time comes, not only can you buy clothes for Baby Xuan, but you can also buy a few for yourself.”

“Really?” Song Xiao was excited when he heard this. He ran forward and hugged Song Yao. “I knew you were the best to me!”

After the two siblings had discussed it, they did as they were told.

After breakfast the next day, Song Yao asked Gu Li to take care of the child. She and Song Xiao carried the burden to town and took a car to the county.

Song Yao first asked for the way to the post office and sent the train ticket money back to Mei Zhao. Then, she went to look for her aunt.

Today was a rest day at the factory, so Song Yao wanted to ask her aunt where she could buy wholesale food.

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When Song Feng heard that the siblings were going to do business, he was overjoyed. “You siblings are so promising. Aunt has a place here that might be able to help you.”

As she spoke, she led them to a large wholesale market near her workplace.

This place belonged to the factory where she worked. It was filled with oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, candy, biscuits, tea leaves, and snacks.

Song Yao had expected to sell it in the village and earn some money. First of all, she had to look at the basics of food and clothing, such as oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar.

The oil and vinegar here were packed together in a capacity of more than 100 catties. The starting price was 50 catties.

Song Yao couldn’t take so many at once, so she first bought a few portable plastic bottles. She divided the oil she bought into 50 catties and used a plastic bag to separate the small bags of salt. She also bought some sugar and biscuits.

In a short while, the burden they brought was filled.

When Song Feng saw that they were in a dilemma, she reminded Song Yao, “You won’t be able to earn much by buying these.”

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Just the oil and sauce that Song Yao ordered cost 2.50 yuan per catty. Moreover, the wholesale price here was 1.50 yuan, and they only earned 10 yuan per catty.

There were also those calcium milk biscuits. A box of them cost 70 cents. The supply and marketing cooperative only sold it for one yuan. They could only earn 10 cents from scraps.

However, Song Yao said, “A little makes a lot. Won’t we earn money when all these supplies are sold?”

Song Feng agreed with Song Yao.

The siblings spent more than 50 yuan just to purchase the goods.

He could not even put down the two burdens he originally carried.

At this moment, Song Feng remembered that there was still a tricycle in the factory, so she borrowed it to help the siblings transport the goods to the car and then to the countryside.

These things were just right to be transported on a tricycle. Song Yao sat in the back of the car and patted the iron bars of the car. She felt that this car was very good.

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Then, she remembered the people who used tricycles to make a living before taking the train. Thinking that this car should not be expensive, she asked Song Feng about the price of a tricycle.

“Don’t even think about the price of this one. It’s at least 1,000 yuan. Our old one costs 500 yuan,” Song Feng said.

Song Yao was immediately shocked by the price. She instantly touched the spot where she had just patted and whispered that she didn’t do it on purpose.

Song Xiao felt that he was sitting on gold and didn’t dare to move.

“Haha, goods that weigh about a hundred catties like what you bought can be transported on a bicycle. Bicycles are cheap, and a new one only costs a hundred yuan,” Song Feng shouted as he drove in front.

Song Yao couldn’t bear to part with 100 yuan either. She asked Song Feng, “Are there any old shops nearby? How much does it cost?”

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