Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Trying to Do Business

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“You’re a strange person. Other people are angry when they come to me to get a divorce, but you can still laugh.” Li En looked at Song Yao’s smile and was also infected by her.

“However, I asked you to stay because I wanted to tell you some bad news.” Li En’s gaze swept across every member of the Song family.

“What bad news? Is it bad for my sister?” Song Xiao was so excited that he pulled his wound and gasped.

“Look at you, your sister is not in a hurry. Why are you in a hurry?” Gu Li pushed Song Xiao’s shoulder and said.

“Mom, it hurts. I’m just concerned about Sister.” Song Xiao gently covered the bruise on his shoulder.

Song Yao lowered her eyes and chuckled. Seeing her family’s concern, happiness surged in her heart.

Seeing that their family was so energetic, Li En didn’t seem too heavy-hearted. “It’s not a big deal. It’s just that once Song Yao gets a divorce and move back, she might not be able to get the newly allocated land in the village so quickly.”

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Hearing this news, the Song family’s expressions froze.

Ever since the new land policy was put in place, every additional family in the countryside could get an additional piece of land. Now, there were many new people and returnees.

When Song Yao moved back this time, she didn’t know when the land would be hers.

This meant that Song Yao could not rely on farming for a living without an allocated piece of land.

The Song family still had their own land now. It was not a problem to support two more people, but it was not a solution to keep doing this.

Gu Li and Song Ping were also old. They were afraid that if there was a chance, their children would not have a good ending.

That night, after Song Yao returned to the Song family, the family ate some porridge.

After finishing the porridge, Song Ping squatted in the courtyard and smoked a pipe.

Song Yao’s family lived in a two-story single-story building. The scale was similar to the Yu family’s, but the Song family’s courtyard didn’t rear livestock.

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Gu Li preferred to plant some flowers and plants in the courtyard. There was also a place where she planted some vegetables and a grape trellis.

The entire courtyard was green and filled with vitality. There was no unpleasant stench.

Song Ping looked at the beautiful courtyard under the slightly yellow light. His eyes narrowed, but his expression became solemn.

At this moment, the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes stretched.

Song Yao originally wanted to help her family clean up the dishes, but she was stopped by Gu Li and asked Song Xiao to go.

Earlier, Gu Li had thought that Song Yao would bring the child home for the New Year, so she had prepared a baby’s rocking bed early.

Now, it was moved to the hall for Yu Xuan to use.

Gu Li looked at Yu Xuan, who was tampering with the bed, with a gentle expression.

“Song Yao, Mom wants to ask you, do you have any plans after the divorce?” Gu Li looked at Yu Xuan before her gaze landed on Song Yao, who was gently pushing the bed.

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Song Yao said, “I want to try doing business.”

“Doing business? What if the brigade captures us?” Gu Li was shocked.

The village committee is now strictly prohibiting private industries.

“Mom, if the brigade wants to catch us, all the vendors and bosses in the county will be in jail. It won’t be my turn so soon,” Song Yao said to her mother with a smile.

When she arrived at the county city this time, she saw many people hawking on the streets.

On the way back, she had also asked her aunt about it.

Now that the country had a new policy to encourage private industries, her aunt even introduced the special economic zones that had recently emerged in the border cities to her.

There were really the skyscrapers she had seen in her dream, and there would be even more in the future. The people in her small village went to the special district to earn a living, and they all drove motorcycles and electric tricycles.

There were even some who drove a kind of transportation tool called a “car” on this small road.

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She thought that since the village had yet to develop, she could start her own small business here in advance. When the time came, she could also have other livelihoods other than farming.

This way, she could support Yu Xuan and her parents.

“How is this something you can mess around with? Tell me the truth. Did you meet people in the county city who encouraged you to set up your business blindly? They might be scamming you of your money,” Gu Li said.

Gu Li didn’t know that there was an open policy outside, so Song Yao slowly told her mother what she had seen in the county.

“Can you really run your own business now?” Gu Li was still a little worried as she listened to Song Yao’s description. “But even so, many necessities can be bought from the supply and marketing cooperative in town. Who would patronize your business?”

“Mom, listen to me first. It’s not convenient for us to go to town from here. I want to go to the county city first to buy some necessities and sell them in the town or the countryside further away. The money I earn will buy some fruits and vegetables from the farmers and then transfer them to the county city to sell. I’ll earn the difference in price,” Song Yao said.

When Gu Li heard this, she was still a little worried. “Even so, Mom is still a little worried about you.”

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