Chapter 19

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“Mom, if Song Yao wants a divorce, so be it.” Yu Yong spread his hands, having no intention of making things right.

“How did I give birth to a son like you? Who will take care of you after you get a divorce?” Chen Lian asked.

However, Yu Yong still looked unconcerned.

As his mother, how could Chen Lian not understand his personality? Since he had made a decision, ten cows would not be able to pull him back.

“Alright, you guys can get a divorce, but the child must belong to our family, right?” Chen Lian clenched her fists.

Now that they had lost their land and reputation, they had to keep the Yu family’s grandson.

However, among the villagers who were watching the show outside the door, someone said, “The Yu family has already given their grandson away. Song Yao went through so much trouble to find the child. The Yu family is going to have another grandson now. Isn’t this bullying Song Yao for being honest?”

Chen Lian’s neck turned red.

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Song Yao also said firmly, “You can’t take my child away!”

“This is our Yu family’s grandson! It’s not up to a woman like you to decide.” Chen Lian pointed at Song Yao and scolded angrily.

“In-law, you’re wrong. Our daughter gave birth to the child too,” Gu Li retorted.

“Women should follow their fathers at home and their husbands when they get married. This is a rule set by our ancestors! If you marry into our family, you belong to our family. It’s the same for our son. You’re not the head of our family. Why should you decide whether our Yu family’s descendants will stay or leave?” Chen Lian said.

Seeing Song Yao glare at her, she smiled disdainfully. “You still want your child? You can’t get a divorce!”

Wasn’t she just being unreasonable?

Li En looked at Chen Lian’s feudal thoughts and held his chin in silence for a long time. There was a sense of vicissitude in his eyes.

It was only when he saw that the Song family was about to flare up again that he stood up and said, “I think we’ll put this matter aside for now. All of you go back to your homes and calm down first. After a week, when you’re sure you want to leave, come and find me with your marriage certificate.”

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“Alright, that’s all for today. You’re dismissed.” Without waiting for the two families to say anything else, he dismissed everyone.

Chen Lian’s heart immediately burned with anger.

“Hey, what do you mean? In the beginning, you wanted to get involved in our matters, but now you don’t care,” Chen Lian said.

“I’m telling you all to go home and calm down before we talk.” Li En said, “They are young people who can’t think straight for a moment and want to get a divorce. They are all angry and impulsive. When they calm down and think it through, they will reconcile.”

“You’re talking nonsense!” Chen Lian didn’t believe him.

Li En clicked his tongue. “Think about it. When you quarreled with Yu Chun, did you also have the thought of divorcing him? But after calming down, did the two of you get together again?”

When Chen Lian heard this, she suddenly understood. She had indeed thought of this before, but for the sake of the future, how could she dare to divorce Yu Chun just like that?

Song Yao was exactly the same as when she was throwing a tantrum.

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“Will this work?”

Li En’s words were not unreasonable. Knowing that Yu Yong and Song Yao still had hope of reconciling, Chen Lian softened her attitude.

The matter of forcing the two children to not get a divorce had also been postponed for a while.

Yu Yong came in front of Song Yao and sighed. “Let’s go home.”

“I want to bring my child back to my family,” Song Yao said as she carried the child.

Yu Yong was helpless, but he listened to the Village Council Member. Song Yao was still angry. It was good that their families were separated.

Moreover, the child would follow his mother first, so he didn’t have to worry about taking care of him. He agreed. “Alright, I’ll look for you in a week.”

Song Yao nodded and the two of them parted ways.

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Before leaving, Li En called out to the Song family again.

He asked Song Yao, “Song Yao, are you really going to divorce Yu Yong? If you really divorce him, you’ll be criticized by the villagers for taking care of the child alone.”

“Village Council Member, do you mean that I can bring my Baby Xuan along after the divorce?” Song Yao was pleasantly surprised.

Li En, on the other hand, sized up her with a strange expression. Song Yao gave him a different impression from the other women in the village.

He seemed to see something new in Song Yao’s eyes. It was like a fire burning in the darkness, making his eyes light up.

Li En adjusted his glasses and said, “Logically speaking, we can help you fight for the child’s custody. But who is in charge of this child? The most important thing is still for your two families to discuss.”

Song Yao knew that it was enough for Yu Xuan to follow her. A smile appeared on her face.

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