Chapter 18

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“Are you crazy? This is our Mom!” After Yu Yong helped Chen Lian up, he went forward and grabbed Song Yao’s arm.

“Let go, she won’t be my mother anymore!” Song Yao struggled to shake Yu Yong off.

However, Yu Yong was a man and had been in the army before. Song Yao could not shake off Yu Yong with her strength.

“Song Yao, you have to apologize to Mom today.” Yu Yong’s grip did not decrease.

When Song Ping saw Yu Yong bullying Song Yao like this, he immediately pushed away Yu Yong’s arm that was restraining Song Yao and grabbed Yu Yong’s collar. “Apologize? Who needs to apologize to who now? Kid, do you still not understand?!”

Gu Li supported Song Yao and glared at Yu Yong.

After Song Xiao returned the crying Yu Xuan to Song Yao’s arms, he ignored the obstruction and punched Yu Yong in the face.

“You are not allowed to bully my family!” Song Xiao said angrily.

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Yu Yong took a punch and wiped the corner of his mouth. He lost his balance and staggered two steps back, almost falling to the ground.

Song Xiao was only 16 years old this year. He was at the age where his vitality was at its peak. Moreover, he had been working in the fields for his parents all year round, so he had long cultivated his strength.

When he fought, his strength was comparable to Yu Yong’s. He directly made Yu Yong fall unprepared.

Yu Yong was at a loss for words. He, who had always seemed taciturn, lost his temper at this moment.

He wiped the corner of his mouth and scolded Song Xiao, “Little brat.”

Then, he went up and fought with Song Xiao!

“My son!” Chen Lian was afraid that her child would be at a disadvantage and subconsciously tried to stop the fight. However, she did not know which of the two people who were fighting pushed away.

Yu Xuan, who was in Song Yao’s arms, was also shocked by the commotion. He cried even harder.

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The two families, who had been at daggers with each other just now, had now joined the mediation team.

The commotion quickly shocked the village committee, Li En.

He found two farmers in the village who were also from the army to pull Yu Yong and Song Xiao apart.

When the two of them were brought to the village committee, they were both bruised and swollen.

Song Yao’s heart ached as she applied medicine for Song Xiao. Song Ping and Gu Li were both concerned and comforting Song Xiao.

Yu Yong, on the other hand, was different. One moment, Chen Lian scolded Song Yao for being heartless, and the next moment, she pointed at Yu Yong and said that he was afraid of his wife.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he couldn’t control Song Yao, how could the entire village know about their family’s scandal like now?

Although Yu Chun stood in the corner with his arms crossed and did not say a word, one could tell from his eyes that he was disappointed in Yu Yong.

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No one cared about Yu Yong’s injuries now.

“Alright, both of you can calm down first. You can’t spoil the children too much in the Song family. Fighting is not a good thing. You can’t praise it.” After Li En roughly understood the situation of the two families, he scolded.

“Song Yao and Yu Yong, your child is already six months old. Are you sure you want a divorce now?”

Li En was now fifty years old. He wasn’t from the village and had gone to university. His level of education was higher than everyone in the village.

He often wore white-rimmed reading glasses and a white shirt and trousers that were incompatible with the villagers’ attire.

Yu Chun felt that Li En looked down on villagers like them. He shouted coldly, “If you want to get a divorce, get a divorce quickly. Don’t you find it embarrassing to let outsiders interfere in our family matters?”

“Elder Yu, you’re wrong. If Song Yao and Yu Yong want a divorce, it will involve Song Yao’s relocation of her household register and the related policies and land… These things have to be handled by our village committee,” Li En explained patiently.

“Whatever you say always makes sense,” Yu Chun scoffed.

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Li En ignored him and looked at Song Yao and Yu Yong. The divorce still depended on the people involved.

“I will divorce him.” Song Yao’s answer was the same as before.

First, the Yu family took the child away without her consent. Then, they made things difficult for her family and hurt her brother.

Song Yao had completely given up on the Yu family.

After Li En received an affirmative answer, he looked at Yu Yong.

Yu Yong, on the other hand, looked away to avoid Li En’s gaze. No one saw the disappointment that flashed in his eyes.

“Listen to her.” Yu Yong took a deep breath and finally said.

“You’ve both decided?” Li En pushed up his reading glasses.

Song Yao and Yu Yong confirmed again.

When Chen Lian heard this, she said anxiously, “I don’t agree!”

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