Chapter 17

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It was already afternoon. When Chen Lian, Yu Yong, and Yu Chun returned from the fields, they saw the Song family standing at their door and chatting with the old people in the neighborhood.

Chen Lian was carrying the hoe and her expression suddenly darkened.

The in-laws took advantage of her absence to badmouth their family with the neighbors next door.

Seeing this, she waved her hoe at Gu Li without a word.

“Mom, get out of the way!” Song Xiao turned around when he heard the footsteps behind him. He was the first to realize that something was wrong and pulled Gu Li, who was still talking to Mrs. Zhang, away.

With a swing of her hoe, she smashed a hole in the ground!

If Gu Li had not dodged, the consequences would have been unimaginable. Mrs. Zhang was so frightened that she retreated repeatedly.

“What are you doing!” Song Xiao shielded Gu Li behind him and pointed at Chen Lian’s nose, about to scold her.

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Song Ping rushed over and asked Gu Li, “Are you alright?”

Gu Li shook her head, and Song Ping heaved a sigh of relief.

“I’m asking you! Who talks bad about their in-laws like this? Your daughter is precious and we can’t order her around. You can take her back and raise her yourself!” Chen Lian said angrily. She didn’t think that there was anything wrong with what she had just done.

Unexpectedly, the next second after she finished speaking, Song Yao appeared in front of her with Yu Xuan in her arms.

Chen Lian didn’t know how much Song Yao had heard just now, but her expression instantly turned ugly.

“Song Yao? You’re back from your family visit?” Yu Yong, who didn’t know what was going on, saw Song Yao and went up to her.

When he saw Yu Xuan in Song Yao’s arms, he was stunned.

“You went to look for the child?” Yu Yong was surprised. He wanted to take the child, but Song Yao dodged him.

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“The child is already back. Why are the two of you still fighting? Did you have to call your in-laws?” Yu Chun arrived late. When he saw Song Yao carrying the child back, he was neither sad nor happy. Instead, he glanced at Song Yao with some scorn.

Song Yao gritted her teeth. “It’s necessary!”

If Gu Li had not been present today, she would not have known that her mother-in-law was harsh to her and even dared to swing a hoe at her mother!

When Yu Chun heard Song Yao’s rebuttal again, he was a little stunned.

Before he could say anything, Song Yao said to Yu Yong, “Let’s get a divorce.”

Her tone was firm without any hesitation, making the Yu Family members present in disbelief.

“Song Yao, what are you talking about? I didn’t have any objections to your family just now. It’s just that your mother knew that you were out for a dfew days and came to our family to kick up a fuss in a hurry. Don’t hurt the harmony between the two of you because of me. You still have to live your life.” Chen Lian immediately advised when she saw this.

If Song Yao divorced Yu Yong, the village would take back the land that was originally allocated to Song Yao. In that case, their family would lose two pieces of land.

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Moreover, no woman in the village had taken the initiative to propose a divorce. With Song Yao’s divorce, how many people would criticize their family? This was a huge loss.

However, Song Yao turned her face to the side. She didn’t know how to continue living with Yu Yong in the future.

Her mother-in-law had almost become her mother-killing enemy.

This time, no matter how Chen Lian persuaded her, she would not reconcile with Yu Yong.

“Yu Yong, don’t you have any explanation for how your mother waved the hoe at my mother?” Song Yao turned to look at Yu Yong.

Yu Yong remained silent. After being interrogated by Song Yao, he sighed and said, “Let’s do as you think.”

He really didn’t say a word. Song Yao sneered in disappointment.

She turned around and walked towards Song Xiao. She handed the child to him and picked another hoe from the courtyard.

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“Sister, what are you doing?” Song Xiao hugged Yu Xuan, who was crying in his arms. He was already at a loss. Now that Song Yao came out with a hoe aggressively, he was so frightened that he almost couldn’t hold the child steady.

Gu Li and Song Ping were shocked by their daughter’s actions. They quickly stopped Song Yao, who was swinging her hoe at Chen Lian.

Yu Yong, who was standing motionlessly at the side, was also shocked. He quickly pulled Chen Lian away with Yu Chun.

“Wow, Song Yao, you’re crazy. You want to murder your mother-in-law!” Chen Lian’s face turned pale when she saw the hoe swinging at her. She only knew to retreat when she was pulled.

“Believe it or not, I’ll report you to the village committee!” Chen Lian threatened. However, at this moment, the hoe fell to the ground and did not hurt her at all.

“Then go and tell them. If you have the ability, tell the village committee the whole story clearly. Let’s see if they’ll help you or me!” A strand of hair fell from Song Yao’s forehead because of her big move just now.

She glared fiercely at Chen Lian, who was so frightened that she sat on the ground, and threw the hoe aside.

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