Chapter 16

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Song Yao’s eyes stung again when she saw the entire family surrounding her.

She pulled her parents and brother to sit down with her and told them everything that had happened along the way.

After hearing the whole story, Song Xiao immediately clenched his fists and said angrily, “It’s all because of Yu Xuan’s evil father. It’s been hard on my sister and nephew. I’ll settle the score with them now!”

“Hey, where are you going? You haven’t even eaten and you’re already looking for a fight. Do you have the strength?” Gu Li grabbed her son, who was rolling up his sleeves and about to leave.

“Mom, don’t you want to stand up for Sister!” Song Xiao sat back in his chair indignantly.

“If your mother is such a heartless person, she should let you all starve.” Gu Li snorted.

She handed the bowl and chopsticks back to her son. “This matter made me see the ugly faces of the in-laws. Back then, they wanted to marry our daughter, so they pleased her in every way possible. Now that she has gotten married, they don’t treat us women as humans. They carried the child away and even wanted her to give birth to another child. I didn’t see Chen Lian give birth to another child to repay her son’s kindness.”

“You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Song Ping let out a long sigh. “It’s my fault for agreeing to this marriage without understanding who they were.”

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“Dad, Mom, don’t say that.” Song Yao felt terrible when she saw her parents blaming themselves.

However, Song Ping and Gu Li thought that their daughter still wanted to protect Yu Yong. They looked at Song Yao, expecting better from her.

“Yao, you don’t know about this because you were away but Yu Yong hasn’t even appeared for the past few days, let alone whether he knows that you went to look for the child,” Gu Li said angrily.

She only talked about Yu Yong and did not complain to her daughter about the grievances she had suffered when she went to uphold justice for her daughter that day.

However, Song Yao had already guessed the final outcome when she heard her mother went to her house to demand an explanation.

She gritted her teeth and the anger in her heart burned.

Song Yao took a big bite of the sweet potato in her hand as if she saw it as an enemy. Only after eating the sweet potato did she feel a little better.

She looked at her parents and said seriously, “Dad, Mom, I want to divorce Yu Yong.”

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“Yes, you should divorce their son and let them realize that we’re not to be trifled with… Wait, Yao, what did you say?” Gu Li was shocked when she recalled her daughter’s words.

“Divorce is not a small matter.” Song Ping’s face darkened when he heard this.

Song Xiao didn’t think anything was wrong and said, “Brother-in-law doesn’t treat my sister well. Why can’t my sister mention divorce?”

“What do you know?” Gu Li raised her hand and knocked Song Xiao’s head. “It’s not as easy for us women to get a divorce as you men think.”

“Alright, I’m just telling the truth. There’s no need to be angry,” Song Ping said.

Gu Li rolled her eyes at him. Song Ping immediately dug into his food silently.

“Yao, have you thought it through? If you get a divorce now, you’ll be the one suffering.” Song Yao looked at her daughter seriously.

She had no intention of opposing her daughter. She was just afraid that Song Yao would suffer alone after her divorce.

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Song Yao nodded.

Song Ping and Gu Li knew their own daughter well. Since she had made a decision, they could not dissuade her. They did not persuade her further.

Moreover, her daughter was not doing well in her in-laws’ house. It was not a bad thing to get a divorce.

Song Ping slapped his thigh and said bluntly, “It’s good that you’re divorced. If you’re divorced, come home with us. You don’t have to listen to the Yu family.”

Gu Li nodded. She was not as straightforward as Song Ping. She still held her daughter’s hand worriedly and said, “What about the child? What will happen to him if you get a divorce?”

“I want to take care of the child myself,” Song Yao said firmly as she looked at Yu Xuan in her arms.

Yu Xuan felt his mother’s gaze and waved his hand in the air.

When Song Yao’s fingers reached over, his little paw grabbed Song Yao and smiled at her.

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Seeing this scene, the hearts of the Song family melted.

How could the Yu family bear to give such a cute child away? They were simply heartless!

“That’s right. We have to take care of the child. We can’t give it to those heartless people from the Yu family. Isn’t there an empty room on the second floor of our house? Let’s tidy up a big room for Yu Xuan. What do you think?” Gu Li suggested.

Song Ping and Song Xiao nodded repeatedly.

They had all tacitly agreed to Song Yao’s decision to bring the child along. Now, they were just short of expressing their stance in front of their in-laws.

After the family ate at the station, they boarded the car back to the village and arrived at the Yu Family’s house.

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