Chapter 15

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Song Yao placed Yu Xuan in the sleeper while she slept outside. She stroked Yu Xuan’s back over and over again until he fell asleep.

At this moment, she felt a sense of security.

The scenery outside the train window kept changing. The frosty window gradually became covered by mist, blurring the scenery outside.

After the voice notification of their destination sounded, Song Yao carried Yu Xuan off the train.

She first went to her aunt’s house in the county city to report that she was safe, then went to the bus stop to transfer back to town. When she heard that her father and brother were waiting for her at the bus stop in town, Song Yao did not choose to return home directly. Instead, she searched for the shadows of her family at the bus stop.

At this moment, Gu Li was rushing to town to deliver food to the father and son.

As soon as she entered the station, she saw a familiar figure in the crowd.

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Gu Li rubbed her eyes, thinking that she had been blinded by anger. She felt that the woman in the cotton-padded jacket looked a little like her daughter.

The woman really called out to her, “Mom!”

“Song Yao? Song Yao is back!” Gu Li came back to her senses and quickened her pace. She touched her daughter’s face in disbelief.

“Yao?” Before Gu Li could rejoice, she saw the child in her arms. She wanted to hug her daughter, but her hands trembled in the air. “It’s Baby Xuan. You brought Baby Xuan back!”

Gu Li was surprised and delighted. She quickly took Yu Xuan.

After Yu Xuan left his mother’s embrace, his hands danced nervously. He whined twice before crying again.

“Oh my, poor child. Baby Xuan, it’s Grandma.” Gu Li’s heart ached when she saw the child crying in her arms. She could only return it to Song Yao.

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Yu Xuan returned to his mother’s embrace and hugged his mother tightly. Only then did his crying lessen.

“Isn’t this child not afraid of strangers?” Gu Li stroked Yu Xuan’s head with heartache.

Song Yao’s eyes also revealed worry.

Previously, her Baby Xuan was indeed not afraid of strangers. This time, her Baby Xuan had indeed suffered.

Song Yao sniffed and her eyes turned red. She looked up at Gu Li and finally mustered her courage to say, “Mom, I have something to tell my mother-in-law in person. Can you wait for me? Later… later, I want to go home with you.”

Gu Li’s hand froze slightly.

When did her daughter become so desperate for permission to go home?

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“Yao, you can come home anytime you want. Mom will also make your favorite food from the past. We still have your room,” Gu Li said stubbornly.

Separated by Yu Xuan, she hugged Song Yao gently and then let go. “Your father and brother are over there. I have some food with me. We’ll go back after eating.”

Song Yao’s eyes were filled with tears as she nodded vigorously. She carried Yu Xuan in one hand and held her mother’s hand in the other. The heat from her palm made her hold her mother’s hand tightly.

“Mom, you’re here. We didn’t see Sister today. A week has passed. Do you think something really happened to her?” Song Yao’s younger brother, Song Xiao, and his father, Song Ping, looked a little haggard.

When Song Xiao saw his mother, he immediately ran up to help his mother carry the basket. During this time, he couldn’t help but ask Gu Li worriedly.

At this moment, he looked up and saw his sister appear behind his mother. He was stunned for a moment. “Is it Sister? Am I hallucinating?”

“Hey, kid, how long has it been since you last saw your sister and you don’t recognize her?” Gu Li grabbed her son’s ear when she saw his silly look.

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Only then did Song Xiao snapped back to reality from the pain he was feeling. He quickly pushed his mother’s hand away and walked around Song Yao with a serious expression, afraid that his sister would be bullied outside.

“Song Xiao, I’m fine. Stop spinning.” Song Yao saw that Song Xiao was still as lively as before, sniffed, and burst into laughter.

Song Xiao pushed her to a chair and sat down.

Song Ping, who was still looking around, turned around and saw that the entire family was gathered. He raised his head and blinked. Without anyone noticing, he secretly wiped his tears and came to the family with a peaceful expression.

“Dad.” Song Yao wanted to stand up when she saw Song Ping, but Song Ping pushed her back to her seat.

“It’s good that you’re back. You’ve worked hard too. Sit down quickly. If you encounter any grievances along the way, tell me. I’ll avenge you!” Song Ping said indignantly.

“That’s right. If you feel wronged, don’t bear it alone. It’s not good for your health. Tell Mom and Dad.” Gu Li put down the basket of food and refilled Song Yao’s food.

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