Chapter 14

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Along the way, she saw many stalls set up in the snow on the streets. It was only eight in the morning, and many people were piling up on the side of the street to buy things, blocking the way out of the truck.

The truck moved very slowly, and Song Yao had a chance to see the scene outside the window.

She realized that almost all the people here used cash to buy things. There were very few tickets.

Song Yao’s village was relatively backward. Very few people had cash, and they had to use tickets for their daily expenses.

Buying meat and cloth required tickets. Different tickets could be exchanged for the corresponding supplies and ingredients from the town’s purchasing center, but the items that could be exchanged were still very scarce.

Song Yao looked at the dazzling array of goods on the street that was almost nonexistent in the village. She suddenly had a bold idea.

Could she sell the good things in the county to the countryside? That way, while benefiting the people, she could also make a small fortune herself.

Song Yao planned in her heart. They had arrived at the train station unknowingly.

After Mei Zhao parked the truck and got out, Song Yao took the opportunity to place the 45 yuan on the driver’s seat.

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She turned around and saw that the car door beside her had also been opened.

The driver’s seat of the truck was a distance away from the ground. It was not convenient for Song Yao to carry Yu Xuan out of the truck, but with Mei Zhao’s help, it was not that difficult.

Moreover, Mei Zhao’s actions were very measured. He did not go overboard.

Song Yao’s impression of Mei Zhao changed after this incident.

“Captain Mei, you can drop me off here. Thank you for today. Go back and get busy,” Song Yao said politely with a smile on her face.

Mei Zhao waved goodbye to her and returned to the car.

At this moment, he saw the cash rolled up in the driver’s seat. He was stunned for a moment before he suddenly shook his head with a smile.

After he returned to the production team, he handed the money to Zuo Huo and smiled. “How did you know that Sister-in-law would exchange the money back?”

“I guessed.” Zuo Huo put the money back into his pocket.

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Mei Zhao saw that he was still staring at the street in a daze and patted his shoulder. “You apologized to me on your ticket back today. What about you?”

Zuo Huo stuffed his hands into the pockets of his military coat and raised his eyebrows as he looked back at Mei Zhao. “Have a drink first.”

On the train.

Song Yao took the ticket and searched for a seat for a while. She carried the child and walked through a few carriages, but she could not find the corresponding seat on the ticket. In the end, she was led to the corresponding point by the train attendant.

Only after arriving did Song Yao realize that there was something wrong with this ticket.

The train attendant smiled and led her into a narrow workshop corridor. Then, she pulled open the door of the green box beside the corridor. What greeted Song Yao’s eyes was a table with a flower pot and a sleeper.

Moreover, there was a window in the middle of the workshop, and Song Yao could see the scene outside the train.

This ticket was actually for a single room in the train?

Song Yao stood outside the corridor for a long time in disbelief.

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“Ma’am, is there anything you’re not satisfied with?” the train attendant asked when she didn’t move.

Song Yao quickly shook her head when she heard this, but she was not convinced. “This is the seat on the ticket. Isn’t it a seat?”

The attendant smiled. “That’s right. Our train is divided into passenger sleepers, sleepers, and single rooms. The prices are all different. Madam, didn’t you understand before?”

As she spoke, the train attendant seemed to realize that something was wrong, and her smile froze.

She suspected that Song Yao had stolen the tickets, but she sized up Song Yao. Although she was wearing a flowery cotton-padded jacket, she looked very clean from top to bottom and did not look guilty.

“No, my friend bought this ticket for me. I’m not very sure,” Song Yao explained.

When the train attendant heard this, she returned to her previous polite tone. “Then your friend is very considerate to you. He knows that you brought your child and specially chose a single room for you.”

Song Yao was flattered. Seeing that the train attendant was about to leave, she hurriedly asked for the real price of the ticket.

“The ticket price for a single room is 100 yuan per ticket,” the attendant said.

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Song Yao was shocked! Then wouldn’t she be taking advantage of the fact that she had only returned 45 yuan?

No, she had to return the money!

But now the train had started.

Song Yao looked out the window and felt uneasy. It was too late to go back and apologize and thank him.

Fortunately, she stayed in a single room with the child in her arms. She planned to send the remaining money back to her hometown after she returned.

The single room here was very warm. Even the sleepers were soft.

When it quieted down, Song Yao could only hear the sound of the train wheels rubbing against the tracks outside.

Yu Xuan’s face, which had been pale from the cold when he got into the car, turned rosy at this moment.

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