Chapter 13

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Before Mei Zhao joined the army and became the captain, he and Yu Yong’s captain was actually Zuo Huo.

Later, when Zuo Huo was promoted, Mei Zhao applied to the army under Zuo Huo’s recommendation and was appointed as the captain. Later, he was discharged from the army due to his injuries and stayed in the production team.

Recently, Zuo Huo had come to their production team to do something. The two of them had originally planned to have a small gathering, but they did not expect something to happen to Mei Zhao’s family. Helpless, he could only reject Zuo Huo’s invitation.

“The sister-in-law you’re talking about is Yu Yong’s wife?” Zuo Huo frowned and asked as he looked at the lit house.

Mei Zhao pursed his lips and nodded with difficulty.

He knew that family scandals could not be aired in public, but he still trusted Captain Zuo’s character, so he told him everything that had happened today.

The two of them sat by the basketball court of the production team. Zuo Huo listened attentively and did not say a word.

After Mei Zhao finished speaking, he remained silent for a while before saying, “She came alone to get the child back?”

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Mei Zhao nodded.

“This is indeed Yu Yong’s fault.” Zuo Huo placed his hands on his knees and placed his palms together.

His expression was especially solemn at this moment. When he fell silent again, it was suddenly like the last calm before the storm.

Knock knock.

At this moment, Song Yao was in a daze with the child in her arms. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

The sky was already completely dark, and it was time for the production team to get off work. Song Yao was afraid that there would be bad people, so she was so vigilant that she did not dare to open the door.

The child in her arms woke up at this moment.

However, this time, Yu Xuan only kicked and grabbed Song Yao’s clothes.

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He opened his dark eyes and stared at Song Yao. He cried a few times but did not cry or make a fuss.

His small hands pulled out the creases on Song Yao’s clothes, as if he was afraid that his mother would abandon him again.

“Baby Xuan, be good. Mommy is here,” Song Yao said softly and patted his butt to comfort him.

Seeing that no one answered the door, she asked, “Is Comrade Song Yao inside?”

A hearty female voice came from outside the door—

“I’m Ning Yuan, an employee of the production team. I live in the dormitory next to yours. Captain Mei asked me to send you something.”

When Song Yao heard that it was Mei Zhao, she couldn’t help but hug Yu Xuan tightly. She thought that Mei Zhao was going back on his word and wanted to exchange something for the child. She said nervously, “Thank you, but please tell him that I don’t lack anything. Please send his things back tomorrow.”

“Don’t be afraid. The captain and I don’t have any other intentions. You don’t have to open the door. I’ve stuffed something in for you. Take it,” Ning Yuan said from outside the door. Then, she stuffed a small piece of paper into the crack of the door below and left.

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Song Yao found the green words on the paper familiar and picked it up. When she looked at it again, it was actually a train ticket with a crease.

And it said that the departure time was tomorrow.

Song Yao held the train ticket and fell silent.

This was 45 yuan! Moreover, it was getting late. Mei Zhao must have spent a lot of effort to get someone to send her a train ticket.

Moreover, Mei Zhao had not mentioned anything about getting the child back until now.

It seemed that she had wronged Mei Zhao.

Song Yao hugged Yu Xuan and took out 45 yuan from her clothes and luggage with some difficulty. She was determined to return the ticket money tomorrow.

The next day, she had just packed her luggage and carried Yu Xuan downstairs when Mei Zhao was waiting for her at the door.

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“Sister-in-law, did you rest well yesterday?” There was a production team’s minivan parked beside Mei Zhao. When he saw Song Yao come down, he greeted her warmly.

When Song Yao saw this, she quickly took out the 45 yuan, but Mei Zhao rejected her several times.

“I asked someone to buy this ticket. The other party didn’t ask for my money. Sister-in-law, you don’t have to mind,” Mei Zhao said truthfully.

“I see…” Song Yao held the money in her hand.

At this moment, Mei Zhao said, “It’s getting late. Let me send you to the train station.”

This way, Song Yao wouldn’t have the chance to secretly return the money.

Just as she was about to refuse, Mei Zhao said, “It’s fine. This is the production team’s car. I’ve also discussed it with Pang Jiao. Just take it that I’m compensating you on her behalf.”

Song Yao did not want to be entangled with them in the first place, so she could only thank them and follow Mei Zhao into the car.

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