Chapter 12

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“This is outrageous! This is absolutely outrageous!”

Chen Lian shouted at a woman. The neighbors came out to mediate the fight. The two of them were probably still fighting.

“Pfft! I think you’re the one who wants to rebel! I’m the one who brought your youngest son to give him away. Are you willing? What right do you have to take my daughter’s child away?!” Song Yao’s mother, Gu Li, had messy hair and five red marks on her face. She was still pointing at her in-laws and scolding them angrily.

Chen Lian was not in a good state either. Her lips were pale as she sat on the threshold and panted heavily. “At most, we’ll have another child. What’s there to be noisy about!”

“Give birth to another child? It’s not that easy!” Gu Li was even angrier when she heard this. If not for someone stopping her, she would have fought Chen Lian to death.

Moreover, she only came today to demand an explanation.

As long as the Yu family sincerely brought the child back and apologized to Song Yao, their two families could still surround each other.

However, she had just come to the Yu family to mention this when Chen Lian started to say that her daughter was pretentious.

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That was not the case. Gu Li did not know that her daughter had to work in the fields in less than a week after her confinement. The land that was supposed to be given to her daughter in the village was now under Chen Lian’s control.

There was also Yu Yong. His wife had gone to look for her son and her whereabouts were unknown. Yu Yong had yet to appear.

He even said that he was going to work in the fields now, so he could rest assured!

In her anger, Gu Li only said a few words on behalf of her daughter before Chen Lian picked up the broom and chased her out.

Before she could get an explanation, Gu Li, who had been met with a broom, directly fought Chen Lian.

The commotion was so loud that it quickly attracted the neighbors.

Gu Li was not afraid of blowing things up, but Chen Lian’s face turned pale when she saw the people around her.

Everyone in the village knew that Yu Yong had taken the child away.

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Chen Lian felt embarrassed and forced herself to say angrily, “In-law, if you continue to be unreasonable, I think we can forget about being a family!”

With that, she returned to her courtyard and slammed the iron fence shut.

“What do you mean by that?” Gu Li roared behind her.

However, the neighbor stopped her. “Song Yao’s mother, Song Yao and Yu Yong still have to live in the future. Now that Song Yao hasn’t returned, you’re making her mother-in-law so angry that she’s forcing the two of them to divorce. Wouldn’t that be breaking up the couple?”

“Then my daughter should be wronged for no reason?” Gu Li could not hold back her tears.

She just wanted to find an explanation for her daughter. Now, she had become a mother who did not know the big picture.

Song Yao’s father and brother had been waiting for her at the station in town for five days.

At the mention of this, she recalled that when she was delivering food to Father Song previously, she had unintentionally found out that her daughter had encountered human traffickers when she went to town to look for her son. The in-laws had not mentioned this matter at all.

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Gu Li patted her chest and wanted to vent her anger. However, for the sake of her daughter, she endured it and could only give up and go home first.

Song Yao, who was far away in Sang Qiu City, did not dare to relax either.

Mei Zhao had just delivered food to the mother and son, but Song Yao did not dare to eat it. She only ate some dry food left from the train.

After washing up with Baby Xuan in her arms, she wiped her body and took a breather.

Yu Xuan, who was lying on the bed, did not see his mother and started to sob uneasily again. Song Yao put down the rag she had just washed and ran over. She hugged the child and patted his butt gently. Only when she fed him milk did Yu Xuan’s cries gradually subsided.

Song Yao looked at the sleeping Yu Xuan in her arms and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes. She sighed heavily and couldn’t help but cry.

“Baby Xuan, it’s all my fault. I didn’t protect you well…”

The sound of crying could be heard from outside the corridor.

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In the darkness, someone came down the stairs with a flashlight. He could not help but be stunned when he heard the cries in the house.

In the dormitory, only Song Yao’s room was still lit.

“Captain Zuo?” Mei Zhao, who was still sitting at the staircase, saw someone coming down and quickly put out the cigarette in his hand.

The man called “Captain Zuo” sized him up and frowned. “Smoking is not allowed in the team. Don’t do it again.”

“There won’t be a next time, Captain.” Mei Zhao scratched his head. There was a food box beside him.

“You haven’t eaten?”

Mei Zhao’s expression became uneasy at his former captain’s question. He sighed and said, “It’s not mine. I want to give it to Sister-in-law.”

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