Chapter 11

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“Sister-in-law? What’s going on?” Mei Zhao frowned.

Pang Jiao’s expression froze.

Uncle Liu said, “She was the one who said she was your relative.”

Song Yao nodded. Afraid that Mei Zhao wouldn’t believe her, she added, “…When the bombs fell, you were the one who saved Yu Yong.”

Originally, only Mei Zhao and Yu Yong knew about this. When Song Yao said this, Mei Zhao believed most of it.

He looked at Pang Jiao solemnly.

“How do we know if you heard it from an unverified source?” Pang Jiao felt guilty.

“That child is a boy with a black birthmark on the left side of his back. Also, Captain Mei, don’t you think that the child looks 90% like Yu Yong?” Song Yao said anxiously.

Mei Zhao was silent. Pang Jiao still wanted to explain, but Mei Zhao glared at her.

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Just like that, Song Yao followed Mei Zhao to their residence. When she reached the door, Song Yao heard the ear-piercing cries of a baby. Her heart instantly felt like it was being twisted by a knife.

After entering, Song Yao carried the child in front of the nursery bed.

It had been a long time since he felt his mother’s aura. The child really stopped fussing.

He hugged Song Yao’s neck tightly, as if he was afraid of being abandoned by his mother.

“You left the child alone in the house?” Mei Zhao pulled Pang Jiao out of the hall.

Pang Jiao said aggrievedly, “I thought the part-timers would be here soon, so I went to look for you.”

“Then what’s wrong with this child?” Mei Zhao restrained his anger. “Didn’t you say that he was adopted from a welfare institute?”

Pang Jiao was speechless. She pursed her lips and said impatiently, “Yes, it’s my fault, alright? Yu Yong wants to use his child to repay your kindness. Let me be frank. Would you be willing to adopt this child? Moreover, he’s your friend’s child after all. He has a clear foundation. Doesdn’t it save us a lot of trouble?”

“You!” Mei Zhao was shocked. He couldn’t believe that his wife would say such a thing.

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But in the end, he couldn’t bear to scold his wife. He returned to the house and personally apologized to Song Yao. “I’m sorry. If I had known in advance that this was Yu Yong’s child, I definitely wouldn’t have dared to take the child away without asking Sister-in-law. I was too dense to make you and your child separate for so long. I’m really sorry.”

Song Yao hugged the child in silence. This farce had almost caused the separation of mother and son. She couldn’t tell him that it was fine.

“I want my son back. Captain Mei won’t stop me, right?” Song Yao tightened her grip on the child.

“Of course,” Mei Zhao said.

Pang Jiao could no longer maintain her expression. If Mei Zhao did this, then what was the point of her coming all the way here to bring back a son for him?

However, she did not want to cause a scene with Mei Zhao in front of outsiders.

Especially when she was arguing with Mei Zhao in front of a country bumpkin like Song Yao. This made her seem very uneducated.

“I’m sorry, Sister-in-law. When Yu Yong brought the child to me, he said that his family approved of it. That’s why I dared to bring the child back. I didn’t know that he didn’t ask for your opinion.” Pang Jiao tucked her hair behind her ear. “If you don’t mind, bring these along so that Mei Luo can have something to eat on the way home.”

Hearing the name Mei Luo, Song Yao couldn’t help but frown.

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Her Baby Xuan had a new name after being separated from her for a few days. Moreover, Pang Jiao’s words were so polite, but they were like thorns.

What did she mean by Yu Yong agreeing to take Xuanbao’s entire family away? No one had asked for her opinion on this matter at all.

Song Yao held the child and felt bitter.

Then, he looked at Pang Jiao.

At this moment, she was smiling as she brought the prepared milk powder and baby toys to Song Yao in a plastic bag.

She looked at the colorful cotton-padded jacket she was wearing as asked for a child like a jealous woman.

Song Yao finally understood why Yu Yong had betrayed her in her dream.

Faced with the things Pang Jiao handed over, Song Yao refused bluntly. “I brought all these things. Can I take my child away now?”

She did not want to stay here any longer.

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However, Mei Zhao said, “Sister-in-law, don’t worry about the child. We won’t pester you too much. It’s just that Sister-in-law came all the way to the county city. Aren’t you going to rest for a day before going back?”

Song Yao refused, and Mei Zhao continued, “There’s still an empty room in our team. There’s a heater and a place to wash up.”

Song Yao still wanted to refuse, but when she looked at Mei Zhao’s sincere gaze, her attitude was clearly worlds apart from Pang Jiao’s.

If she refused again, this person might even follow her back to apologize…

Song Yao was most afraid that this would affect her future plans, so she could only agree and set off the next day.

It was also because of her that something happened in the village.

Song Yao’s aunt went home and told Song Yao’s parents about Yu Yong taking the child away.

When they heard that their daughter had been wronged by her in-laws’, they ignored the fact that the two families were three mountains apart and went straight to the Yu family to demand an explanation.

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