During the house search, the old lady Mu was in a coma, so she didn’t see Mu Wan Qing bring out the marriage certificate with her.

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Hearing Mu Wan Qing’s words, her face changed a bit, and she shouted, “Shut up, you are not qualified to speak here, Lord, I…”

Old lady Mu’s mind was racing, she was desperately trying to make up for it.

“Look, hearing the truth, the Old Goddess became angry.” Mu Wan Qing was not afraid of the old lady, she was just a paper tiger now.

Hearing that, everyone in the Mu family was stunned, what was she talking about?

Old goddess?? This is her grandmother!!

Is Mu Wan Qing going crazy?!

Old Madam Mu was very angry. If she was given a chance, she should have strangled her when she was just born. 

“Mu Wan Qing, I don’t have a granddaughter like you.”

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When she betrayed Mu Wan Qing in exchange for benefits, it was doomed that the two could not coexist peacefully.

Unless Mu Wan Qing was willing to be her pawn, let herself be at the mercy of the old lady, and sacrifice herself to illuminate the future of others.

However, Mu Wan Qing was an indifferent and selfish modern person.

Imperial power, clan concept, unconditional filial piety, sorry she didn’t have any!

Her grandpa often said that if you are poor, help yourself first, you can help the world once you are successful.

Now she was in a precarious situation, and she just wanted to save her life and the lives of her new family members.

She had clear grievances and gratitude, whoever treated her well, she treated them well.

Whoever dared to plot against her, she would make the other party regret it for a lifetime, her ideology was just that simple.

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“Lord, she is fooling you, once you accept her offer, you will get on her pirate ship, she tells you to face east, you dare not face west…”

“You take her granddaughter, and you have to help her cover-up. A cover-up crime can wipe out your whole family, you can even be decapitated.”

Hearing this, the prison guard broke out in a cold sweat.

Then he fiercely glared at the old lady Mu, “The most poisonous is a woman’s heart.”

Mu Wan Qing said with a smile, “You have very little knowledge, the backyard women are best at killing people without letting blood stain their clothes. They can destroy everything you care for without making a sound.”

“…My Grandmother is the final winner of the backyard fight. She has overthrown many opponents, her son has inherited everything in the house, she raised the concubine son and suppressed him in every possible way, and let his descendants serve as stepping stones for her own children and grandchildren. Her means are very powerful.”

Hearing those words, there was dead silence in the prison, not only the Mu family members were dumbfounded, but also the people in the prison next to them were awestruck.

How brave is she! Dare to say anything.

Old Madam Mu was spoiled by her parents’ family. After she got married, she was the mistress of the house, and now she was an almighty old lady.

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No one ever dared to disrespect her!

“Mu Wan Qing, how dare you talk like that?”

In fact, Mu Wan Qing was a very peaceful person, but old lady Mu had touched her bottom line.

“In the past, your son was a third-rank official, and you were the ancestor of the mansion. I have to act deaf and blind, I can only see but can’t speak.”

Mu Wan Qing smiled beautifully and innocently, but with inexplicably chilly eyes, she said, “Now, the Mu family is over, who is more noble than me?”

“There will always be a day when the Mu family will turn around, and then…”

Then she won’t let this dead girl go.

Hearing that, Mu Wan Qing coolly asked, “One year, two years, five years, or ten years? I just don’t know if you can live to see that day at your age.”

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Everyone, “…”

The old lady Mu was furious hearing her words, “Zhong De, expel her from the Mu family, remove her name from the clan.”

“She will be a person without a clan, cast aside by everyone, and she will be a lonely ghost even after her death.”

Hearing the expulsion order, Second Master Mu couldn’t help being anxious, “No, mother, the child is still young and ignorant, I apologize to you on her behalf.”

Then he winked at his daughter, “Wan Qing, quickly apologize.”

Second lady Mu also tugged at her daughter’s sleeve, signaling her to apologize quickly.

No matter what, it was not filial for the younger generation to speak like that to the elders.

Mu Wan Qing winked back at her, and cheerfully said, “Uncle, please drive our whole family out. If it wasn’t for the Mu family, we wouldn’t have to go to prison.”

Her words were like a thunderbolt, breaking open a new world.

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