Master Mu was worthy of being a high-ranking official, and his psychological quality was good. 

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He quickly recovered, and put on the air of the eldest brother, “Zhong Ping, do whatever mother tells you to do, the old lady would wrong you?”

Third Master Mu also desperately nodded, “Yes, it’s worth sacrificing one person for the whole family, second brother, what are you still thinking about?”

Second lady Mu couldn’t help but feel anxious, why should she sacrifice her daughter?

Just as she was about to speak, she was gently held down by Mu Wan Qing who raised her face and sighed, “Ancestors of the Mu family, see what your descendants are doing?”

“Using women to seek honor. Eldest uncle, Third uncle, you are really promising.”

As soon as these strange words came out, the Mu family blushed.

“Mu Wan Qing, your surname is Mu, you should be responsible…” In the Mu Mansion, no one could challenge the authority of the old lady Mu.

Mu Wan Qing thought she had a good temper, but she couldn’t make sense in the face of such a biased old lady.

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Just roll up your sleeves and quickly solve them.

“You are really a good person, who packs selfishness and viciousness into benevolence and righteousness.”

“This is the importance of learning conversation skills. Big brother and second brother, learn something from these people.”

“They lived in the widest yard, ate the best meals, wore the best clothes, and now when the time for sacrifice came, they needed our family to come first.”

Hearing her words, Old Lady Mu had a face full of disapproval, and said in a matter-of-course tone, “The direct descendants are the most precious of the family, and they are the hope of the family…”

The concubine born is used to pave the way, otherwise, what’s the use of keeping them?

Mu Wan Qing couldn’t help laughing, “It’s really useless if a direct descendant hides behind their parents when something happens. They are no different from waste.”

Her mouth was too poisonous, and every word poked into the pain of the Mu family.

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Isn’t it? Since the house was raided until now, which direct descendant took the responsibility? 

One by one, they only knew how to beg for mercy. But even if you see it through, you have to tell it so clearly.

The old lady Mu trembled in anger, “Zhong Ping, stop your daughter, see what she looks like? Our Mu family has lost all respect because of her.”

“It turns out that in the Mu family, there is still someone who wants respect.” 

Mu Wan Qing’s eyes widened in surprise, and her expression exaggerated, “This is the first time I know, haha…”

Her words were too magical.

Old Lady Mu felt the blood all over her body rushing to her forehead, her face flushed red, and she was dizzy from anger.

Second Master Mu was afraid that she would faint out of anger, and her daughter would not be able to escape the responsibility, “Wan Qing, just say a few words less.”

Since Mu Wan Qing made a move, there must be a result.

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Now was the best time to break free from authority and rebuild order.

The Mu family around inexplicably felt a chill, and there was a premonition that something bad was going on.

Mu Wan Qing’s cool voice sounded, “According to the Daqi law, a girl can’t be married if she already has a marriage contract otherwise people will be punished.”

“Grandmother, what grudges do you have with the Lord? Do you want to harm others? Lord, I already have a marriage contract.”

Hearing this, the prison guard was stunned, and then he was furious, “Old woman, you are deliberately hurting me, okay, you are good.”

This old lady from the rich family had a lot of courage, she even tried to harm him to pave the path for herself.

The Mu family’s face turned green, and it was over, they had offended the guard of the prison.

It was easy to hide after offending the king but dealing with the little devils was always difficult.

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If you offend the guards who look after them, is there still a good life left?

Old Lady Mu glared at Mu Wan Qing, “Don’t listen to her nonsense, the little girl is shy, she has never engaged with anyone.”

Speaking black as white, lies come after her mouth without blinking her eyes.

Her tactics were quite good, and she was worthy of being the champion of house fighting.

Unfortunately, Mu Wan Qing liked to annoy others the most.

“Lord, the white bun is delicious, but we also need to see if the filling is poisonous. Isn’t it?”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

The prison guard sneered, looking at the old lady Mu full of anger, this old woman was deliberately digging a hole for him.

He didn’t dare to take revenge, but he won’t fall into the trap.

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