The old lady Mu smiled and looked at the concubine’s son, “Second child, I will find a good place for the third girl. She doesn’t have to suffer with us, in the future, what do you think?”

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Hearing this, Second Master Mu always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t understand for a while. 

As a father who loved his children, he naturally hoped that his little daughter would be free from the sea of ​​suffering and live a good life, “Thank you, mother…”

Hearing his mother’s words, Master Mu’s eyes flashed slightly, but he didn’t say a word.

Before Second Master Mu finished speaking, a cold voice sounded, “If it’s so good, why don’t you let your eldest granddaughter go?”

It was Mu Wan Qing, she rolled over and sat up while carefully brushing her messy hair.

Hearing this, the third lady Mu quickly said, “Your elder sister is willing to be generous and let you enjoy the happiness first.”

If she hadn’t woken up, she would have pulled out and sold. Old Lady Mu was really not a human being.

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She was abandoned and sold, and her father helped them count the money.

“Third aunt, you are wrong.” Mu Wan Qing solemnly retorted, “My grandmother often told me to respect my elder sister, and never compete with her in anything. Let my sister marry first.”

“…After all, you are my grandmother’s direct relatives. My father is just a concubine-born son. Our second family has no blood relationship with my grandmother.”

“So, let my sisters be nobler than me, and I understand it.”

The guard, who didn’t understand until now, knew who was the most favorite granddaughter. And knew everything said earlier by the old lady was just a lie!

Others also understood the situation and looked complicated.

Second lady Mu couldn’t help but be anxious, “Old lady, since ancient times, children’s marriages have been decided by their parents. I don’t agree…”

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Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by an angry old lady Mu, “Second daughter-in-law, you are disobedient to your mother-in-law. Do you want to be divorced?”

At first, Mu Wan Qing didn’t intend to fight with others after she became a prisoner, but the old lady’s hand was so long that she stepped on her bottom line.

Mu Wan Qing slowly laughed and said, “That’s great, hurry up and divorce, let my mother escape. The old lady finally did something good.”

Hearing this, Old Lady Mu stared at her with gloomy eyes, Mu Wan Qing was not afraid at all and smiled evilly at her.

Do you still regard yourself as a powerful old lady?

Mu Zhong De was furious, “Mu Wan Qing, how dare you talk to your grandmother like that? How did you learn the rules?”

In Mu’s house, Old Lady Mu was at the top of the pyramid.

Next were the two brothers Mu Zhong De and Mu Zhong Wen, and then their son, daughter, and wife.

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The second room, Mu Zhong Ping, was at the bottom and had no right to speak. 

Even the children of the third room did not take the second uncle and his family in their eyes.

Mu Wan Qing smiled casually, “Uncle, the centuries-old Mu family was destroyed in your hands, even the foundation was no left.”

“…Are you worthy of talking about the rules with me? Anyone who asks for dignity and respect in this situation will be punished with death.”

Hearing this, Mu Zhong De was shaking all over with anger, his eyes were blood-red.

Everyone looked at each other, at a loss.

Old Lady Mu looked at Mu Wan Qing with cold poisonous eyes, and she suddenly raised her face and gave a serious lecture.

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“Listen, everyone in the Mu family must put the family’s interest first, even if they sacrifice their own lives…”

“Now that the Mu family is in a big disaster, it is the responsibility of the descendants of the Mu family to stabilize the family.”

Her words were very powerful, and the Mu family habitually listened to the training, “Yes.”

She looked at the concubine’s son coldly, “Zhong Ping, you are also a descendant of the Mu family. You have been sheltered by the Mu family for decades, and you have enjoyed brocade clothes and luxurious food for so long. It’s time to pay for the Mu family.”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

Hearing this, Second Master Mu felt bitterness in his mouth, as if he drank a large bowl of bitter gourd.

He was pushed out as soon as they encountered an accident just because he was a concubine-born son? 

He and his family could only sacrifice for the descendants of the Mu family??

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