Chapter 155: Internal Disorder

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George thought to himself that he must strengthen his training when he got back, or it would be too embarrassing to lose to two women in a row.

Caroline nodded. “It just so happens that I’m going to draw up a training schedule for Eva and build a training ground. If you’re interested, do you want to come with me?”

George’s heart was immediately moved. He looked at Eva, who had extraordinary strength. She was already so strong, but she still needed more training. He couldn’t be lazy.

He pouted awkwardly. “If you want to see me so badly, then I can reluctantly participate.”

Caroline’s training program must have played a huge part in why Eva could become like this today.

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“Cough, cough!” Young Master George did not want to see what the training plan was like. He was simply curious about how Eva usually trained to achieve the results she had today.

Yes, he was really just curious.

The three of them played in the training ground for a while before Edwin and Joline returned to the manor.

Seeing Joline’s tired face, Caroline asked worriedly, “How are you? Do you need a doctor to take a look?”

Joline waved her hand. “I’ve been busy recently, so I’ve been lacking sleep. I’ll be fine after a rest. Don’t worry.”

Even though Edwin didn’t say it clearly, Caroline could guess that the recent events were related to the Old Madam’s family, the Smith family.

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She heard that the Old Madam had a good relationship with her brother Joseph, so this must have been a huge blow to Joline.

However, as one of the victims, Caroline was in no position to speak from the Old Madam’s perspective. Hence, she did not say anything else after a simple word of concern.

Edwin came over and squeezed her hand. “Let’s go. I’ll send you guys back first.

Although he was engaged to Caroline and they were engaged, they were not officially husband and wife. Thus, before the engagement banquet, Caroline still had to return to her own villa to stay.

At the same time, Edwin had already found a house in the same district. It was diagonally opposite Caroline’s house. The distance between the two was less than two minutes ‘walk.

The car stopped outside Caroline’s villa. Danika held Eva’s hand and got out of the car first. Eva looked at Caroline. Seeing that Caroline was not getting out of the car, she called out to her in confusion, “Ling?”

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Danika could tell that Caroline and Edwin had something to talk about, so she coaxed Eva. “The ice cream cookies I made yesterday should be ready to eat now. Let’s go and take them out of the fridge together, okay?”

Caroline patted her hand. “You go ahead and eat. I’ll be there in a while.”

Eva could only glare at Edwin, thinking that this big bad guy was hogging Caroline again. “Then I’ll leave the biggest share for you.’

Caroline smiled happily. “Okay.”

After all, Caroline was the only person who could make the gluttonous Eva give up her delicious food. Even Danika, who had been taking care of her recently, didn’t have such treatment.

Seeing that only he and Caroline were left in the car, Edwin heaved a sigh of relief. He grabbed Caroline’s hand and played with it in his palm. At the same time, he told Caroline about what happened at Smith’s house today.

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Joseph was able to cut his own losses and choose to end his life. He was a man with courage, strategy, and responsibility. He was indeed the brother that Joline had always respected.

However, all these years, the Smith family had been limited by the industry’s regulations and had not developed very well. In contrast, the Anderson family had been thriving. This made Joseph anxious, so he had taken the wrong risk and took the wrong path.

It could only be said that Joseph’s worries in his later years were very reasonable. It was obvious that his sons and grandsons were not as capable as him. They had long been used to relying on Joseph to live.

When they found out that the pillar of the family, Joseph, was suddenly gone, the whole family suddenly fell into chaos. The conflicts that were usually well-hidden all burst out in an instant.

So when Joline and Edwin arrived at the Smith’s house with a half-dead

Robert, they saw a bunch of people fighting like roosters..

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