C198: The one who doesn’t dream (1)

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In Rudger’s classroom Aidan was smiling awkwardly as he scratched his head.

“I got scolded again.”

At the height of the fireworks display on the last day of the festival they fought against the members of the Black Dawn Society and won.

No one was hurt and the worst was prevented but what came back to Aidan and his friends was a penalty.

“That’s true. I was too reckless this time.”

Aidan was confident that he would do well, but what he knows and what others see is different. He had no choice but to come to terms with being penalized.

The only thing he was sorry about is that he even got his friends involved.

“Sorry. It happened because I made you go along with it.”

“That’s enough.”

Leo, who was listening next to him, said.

“It’s me who agreed to that anyway, and I’m the one who asked to do it together.”

He was thankful just for the fact that no one was hurt.

Tracy nodded as if she sympathized with the words. Iona was not interested because it was just a penalty point in the first place.

“But it was bad luck. Of all things, we were caught by Chris Benimore.”

“That’s right.”

Chris, a teacher who favors aristocratic students, naturally did not like the commoner students.

Aidan said, stretching the back of his head.

“That’s right. If it was Mr. Rudger, we would have escaped with just a warning.”

“I remember that he scolded us badly the last time.”

“Isn’t that better than penalty points?”

“You think that because you haven’t heard the teacher’s abusive language.”

“I think it was okay”

“…… you know, Aidan. I sometimes envy your skin-thick innocence.”

“Thank you!”

“It’s not a compliment”

When Leo was grumbling, someone approached them.

Leo looked at the person approaching him and opened his eyes wide.

“You are…”

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She had dazzling white hair like the morning sun but it was her beauty that attracted more attention than her hair color.

An ordinary male student would have been tempted by her appearance but Leo called her name with a lot of vigilance.

“Julia Plumhart.”

“You know me.”

“Of course. You’re the top student of our year.”

She was the freshman who entered Theon as the top student and the Tower had great expectations from her but she was also one of the targets that the Liberation Army ordered Leo to pay particular attention to.

Of course, he had no intention of following such an order.

‘What happened to her, who usually moves alone without talking to anyone?’

At the beginning of the semester, several students approached her to become friends. Of course, there were students from noble families among them but Julia ignored them all since for her it didn’t matter if they were noble or commoners.

There were people who were dissatisfied with it, but after being stared at by Julia for a few seconds they immediately avoided eye contact and lowered their tails.

Perhaps because of that, no one approached Julia since then.

Her seat was also in the back of the classroom and Leo forgot about her because she was always alone.

It’s quite surprising that she talked to him first and right now the students inside the classroom were looking at him as if they were amazed.

Besides, looking at her gaze, Leo thought she was interested in Aidan.

‘She’s suspicious.’

From the standpoint of collecting and analyzing information, an eye for people is essential but Leo couldn’t figure out what Julia Plumhart was like.

It was hard to understand her since she was good at hiding her feelings. Even if it’s known that she’s good at studying and that she entered the school as the top student, that can’t be all.

“What’s your business with us?”

Leo asked first because he would be mentally exhausted if he kept confronting her and Julia said with a mysterious smile.

“You guys? No. I’m only interested in that kid.”

She pointed at Aidan while she spoke.


Aidan reacted naturally.

“Yes. You’re Aidan, aren’t you?”

“Yes, you are……Well.”

“Don’t you know me?”

When Aidan blurted out the end of his words, Julia opened her eyes as if she were surprised. She didn’t mean to brag, but at least she thought that there were no freshmen who didn’t know her.

“Oh, right. I remember! Julia? I wondered where I saw it, and it was the name that was always in the first place in the test score!”

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“……What a funny kid you are.”

Aidan didn’t act like that to get her attention. His reaction was full of purity and Julia thought it was funny, even though it hurt her pride a little.

‘He’s a kid with interesting dreams, and this is only natural.’

Julia, a newcomer to Dream School, where dream wizards exist, and their best talent, can see the other person’s dreams.

Dreams are the unconsciousness of a person and the embodiment of desire. If you want to know the inside of a person, nothing is more effective than seeing his dream.

That’s why Julia Plumhart judged people for their dreams.

‘All the other guys are boring, but this kid is different.’

All the dreams Aidan had were related to magic.

‘How could he have such a firm and upright belief?’

Usually, dreams would be as murky and comprehensive as clouds and fog but Aidan’s dream was like looking at a straight stick. However, he even used [unique] magic that others didn’t use.

“Anyway, I’m interested in you.”

“Wait a minute.”

Tracy Friad stepped up.

“What are you? You cut in out of nowhere and say whatever you want.”

Her eyes toward Julia were full of vigilance and hostility.

“Well, who were you?”

“Tracy Friad.”

“Tracy? Oh, the one ranked below me.”

That remark touched Tracy’s nerves since she was ranked second in the admission exam and the fact that she heard it from the person in the first place made it even worse.

Julia stared at Tessie with a smile.

‘Hmm. This kid’s dream isn’t great.’

Tracy’s dream felt very passionate, just like her personality. It burned red like a hot flame, but what was contained in it was a weakness that could easily be extinguished at any time.

Obviously the concentration of purity and passion was high, but that was all. She was little better than others but was far from attracting Julia’s interest.

“I think your tenacity to catch up with others through desperate efforts is high, but it’s not to my taste.”

At least she was much better than the ones approaching her with a mask and a black lump on their mind, it just didn’t attract her.

But there was something fundamentally different about Tracy being wary of Julia.

“Anyway, I don’t know what you’re thinking about approaching Aidan, but I want you to know that it’s a little inconvenient.”

“Oh, I don’t think so. It’s good to have more friends, right?”

“You be quiet!”

Julia immediately noticed.

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She got a feeling from Tracy glancing at Aidan while she was talking.

“We’re busy right now because we have something to talk about. So why don’t you step aside?”

“Hmm. Am I not allowed to hear?”

“Yes, it’s our issue.”

Tracy purposely emphasized and drew a line as she looked into Julia’s eyes.

“Hmm. Well, I was just going to show my face in moderation today, so I’ll stop here. Besides, it’s time for class to start soon.”

“If you know, go away! Shoo! Shoo!”

Julia responded with a smile to Tracy’s gesture and Tracy felt defeated by her mature response.

“See you later, then.”

Julia returned to her seat while waving to Aidan while Aidan looked at her, smiled innocently and said.

“She’s a very pretty girl. Right?”


“Ah! Wait! Tracy! Why are you hitting me?”

“I don’t know!”

It may have been a pure compliment without any self-interest, but that was even worse.

Tracy punched Aidan in the shoulder and Iona was watching the scene with an expressionless face, and Leo sighed, saying, “I think something annoying will happen again.”

When Julia returned to her seat, her eyes shone as she watched Aidan’s group chattering.

‘It’s fun.’

Their dreams were also quite unique compared to those of other students.

‘That short boy is hiding something, and that Suin girl seems to have some purpose.’

Obviously not at the beginning of the semester, but at some point their dreams changed and that change happened after they got close to Aidan, that’s Julia was curious about Aidan.

Although Julia deals with unusual magic that is different from others and has a unique personality she was also a wizard and naturally, as a wizard, if something related to her field occurs, she will be interested.

‘Other than that, there’s another interesting dream.’

It was of course Rene’s dream. While everyone dreams of ideals she dreams of reality.

At that moment, there was silence in the classroom. Everyone heard the slow echo of footsteps from the entrance of the classroom.

The closed door opened and the teacher Rudger Chelici appeared. He was wearing a frock coat even though it was summer now. Of course, the coat was magical, so it will be cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

Even considering that, it was not the case for the viewers. In a sense, he was a very consistent person.

However, Julia’s attention was focused on the person who followed Rudger like a chick.


Sedina Rosen, the first assistant professor chosen by Mr. Rudger Chelici and the wizard named Julia Plumhart…….

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‘Childhood friend.’

Julia felt uncomfortable whenever she saw Sedina. If she’s being honest, she’d be right to say she was angry.

‘Sedina the liar.’

As a child, Sedina met Julia and then the two became friends. It was then when Julia first opened her heart to others but Sedina subsequently rejected her offer to be with her afterward and even reneged on her promise.

Now they meet again at Theon but Sedina’s dream was completely black as if it were dotted with darkness. The bright appearance and dream of her innocent childhood friend in the past were no longer there.

‘I can’t believe she let go of that beauty.’

Julia couldn’t stand it. Nevertheless, Sedina’s appearance of lowering her head as if she were scared without pretending to know her was beyond disappointment and even contempt.

She was definitely like that.’

Something was different today though. Her steps were light and strangely lively, unlike her usual self.

The biggest change would be her dream. At the beginning of the semester, Sedina’s dream was clearly bad enough to receive the worst evaluation from Julia’s point of view.

It was dark and dirty and just looking at it made her feel bad, so she was in a bad condition that day. Although it has improved gradually recently, its essence has not changed but today it was completely different.

‘I can’t believe the color of her dream changed in a few days.’

It felt like the contaminated water was purified and the change was completely unimaginable for Julia.

‘What the hell happened?’

Since her dream has changed it meant that something has changed inside Sedina, something very fundamental and there was only one person that could have that effect on Sedina.

‘Mr. Rudger Chelici.’

He was a new teacher at Theon and a much more capable person than any other teachers. The [source code] magic he showed was beyond interest, and even Julia, who was not interested in anything other than dreams, was mesmerized for a moment.

‘I thought that special abilities and having a good influence on others are completely different areas.’

But Julia had a hard time believing that Rudger had an influence on Sedina.

Yes, that’s how Rudger is.

‘The only person who can influence a dream is someone who has another dream.’

A prime example was Aidan, whom he has been eyeing since before.

The straightness and goodness of his heart could be seen through his dream, and Aidan’s friends who were affected by it also changed.

It was like a beautiful virtuous circle.

A dream that was clearer than anyone else’s was needed.

‘That’s why Mr. Rudger is a person who can never influence others.’

The reason was simple: Rudger Chelici had no dreams.

‘Come to think of it, I’ve heard of it before.’

There were very few examples, but it was said that such people existed in the past.

The wizards in “Dream School” call those people like this ‘The one who doesn’t dream.’

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