281 Replacement

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Jiang Ying stopped what he was doing and looked at Ning Yue. Ning Yue looked into his eyes and asked him, “What exactly is the key that those men in black asked you for just now? Don’t think of hiding it from me!”

She had a feeling that the key had something to do with her!

Jiang Ying sighed. He knew Ning Yue’s personality. It was fine to hide it now, but if Ning Yue found out in the future, she would definitely be angry with him.

However, he did not want Ning Yue to know the real reason. He was worried that Ning Yue would be in danger.

At this moment, Jiang Ying was extremely conflicted. After thinking for a while, he decided to only tell Ning Yue half of it. “The key to the Miracle Doctor’s Valley.”

“Why is the key to the Miracle Doctor’s Valley with you?” Ning Yue frowned.

When Gu Yu gave her the key back then, he said not everyone had the key to the Miracle Doctor’s Valley. Why would he give it to Jiang Ying?

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Could it be that Gu Yu had not returned to the Miracle Doctor’s Valley?

“I don’t know either. Your master gave it to me and asked me to take it. If I need anything in the future, I can go to the Miracle Doctor Valley to look for him,” Jiang Ying said.

“Impossible! Back then, Master said that only the successor of the Divine Physician Valley had the key. You’re not the successor of the Divine Physician Valley. How can you have it?” Ning Yue asked.

She was the successor of the Divine Physician Valley. Gu Yu could still explain it to her, but what about Jiang Ying? What reason did Gu Yu have to get the key?

“You’re my fiancée. What’s so strange about your master giving me the key? What if, I mean, what if I have something to ask of him one day?”

Jiang Ying did not tell Ning Yue the truth and was very nervous.

“With me around, I can help you. Why would I let you beg Master?”

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Jiang Ying smiled. “Can’t we ask him this time? Let’s go.”

“No!” Ning Yue stopped Jiang Ying. “I can detoxify the poison myself. I’ll be able to completely recover in three days. I don’t want to leave so soon.”

It was good that Ning Yue could detoxify herself. Jiang Ying heaved a sigh of relief, but he did not understand why Ning Yue wanted to stay here.

“Yueyue, this place is not conducive to your health,” Jiang Ying said.

Ning Yue shook her head. “It’s the opposite. This place is suitable for me to detoxify the poison. Since that group of people is here for my master, I can take advantage of these three days to plan. Will your side be affected?”

The Three Kingdoms Festival was an important celebration. Jiang Ying could not be absent. He was supposed to leave the day after the opening ceremony, but he was delayed by her matter.

“No, the honor guard will leave first. I just have to appear at the celebration of the Three Kingdoms Festival. You should also represent Russia.”

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Jiang Ying’s words surprised Ning Yue. Represent Russia? Why didn’t she know about this?

At the opening ceremony, Yuan Hui had asked the prime minister of Russia to go. Why did he suddenly ask her to go to the Three Kingdoms Festival?

“When we left the banquet, the Prime Minister of Russia told me that your uncle wants you to represent him in the Three Kingdoms Festival,” Jiang Ying said.

What? Ning Yue was shocked. She was representing Yuan Hui in the Three Kingdoms Festival!

What kind of joke was this? Did Yuan Hui want her to be the Empress of Russia?

Ning Yue swallowed and said, “Do I have a choice?”

“I don’t know. I’ll ask when we get out,” Jiang Ying said.

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He was not sure if there was. The Prime Minister of Russia said very firmly that Yuan Hui should have already decided.

Initially, he did not agree to Ning Yue taking the risk. After all, the Black City Kingdom would cause trouble at the annual Three Kingdoms Festival. Who knew what they would do today?

However, Yuan Hui’s words dispelled his thoughts.

“Yueyue isn’t a canary locked in a cage by you. Even if she doesn’t represent Russia, she’ll follow you. Do you want her to follow quietly on the road, or do you want to bring her along directly?”

That’s right. Ning Yue was not a canary raised in a cage. She was a falcon soaring in the sky!

She had a world she wanted to fly in, and all he had to do was face it with her when the wind and rain came.

It had to be said that Yuan Hui had given Jiang Ying a good hint.

Ning Yue had a headache. Things were more complicated than she thought.

However, since she had already decided to go to the celebration of the Three Kingdoms Festival, it was fine for her to attend in Yuan Hui’s place.

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