280 Helpless

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“What’s wrong with me?” Ning Yue was very puzzled. She was well protected by Jiang Ying and was not injured at all. How could she faint?

Moreover, after she woke up in a coma, she actually had no strength at all. She was very likely poisoned!

Jiang Ying looked at Ning Yue guiltily. “It’s my fault.”

Ning Yue wanted to check on her situation, but when she heard Jiang Ying’s words, she quickly told him that it was fine.

“You’re poisoned. I can’t detoxify you. I’m sorry,” Jiang Ying explained weakly.

He thought that jumping off the cliff with Ning Yue would be a way out, but he did not expect Ning Yue to be poisoned.

“I see.” Ning Yue heaved a sigh of relief. She had thought it was some terminal illness.

Wasn’t it just poison? She could cure it herself. Otherwise, she would have been a doctor for nothing for so many years.

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Ning Yue was glad that the poison did not keep her unconscious. This way, she could take the opportunity to check on her condition when she was awake.

“I can detoxify myself. Don’t be afraid.” Ning Yue comforted Jiang Ying.

“However, how are we going to leave this place?” Ning Yue was a little troubled.

There was a pile of antidotes given to her by Gu Yu in her space. She didn’t care about ordinary poisons at all. What she was conflicted about now was how to leave this place.

There were ropes and flying tiger claws in the space, but according to the situation when they jumped down, the flying tiger claws could not reach the edge of the cliff. They did not know how far the bottom of the cliff was.

“Yueyue, I told you before we jumped off the cliff that you have to believe me,” Jiang Ying said.

Ning Yue raised her eyebrows and asked curiously, “Why are you so confident? I think you’re quite familiar with this place.”

Jiang Ying smiled and stood up to light a candle in the corner.

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Ning Yue looked at Jiang Ying in surprise. “You come here often?”

“Yes.” Jiang Ying returned to Ning Yue’s side.

“I came here with Brother Crown Prince when I was young. As we were playful and wanted to avoid Uncle Emperor’s people, we often stayed here until the next day before leaving.”

Ning Yue was enlightened. No wonder he had guided the men in black to the cliff and jumped off it unhurriedly. So there was a way out.

She smiled and wanted to go to the entrance of the cave to take a look, but Jiang Ying stopped her. “You shouldn’t move around in your current condition.”

“I’m too stuffy. I want to get some air first before detoxifying myself,” Ning Yue said.

Hearing Ning Yue’s words, Jiang Ying did not stop her. “Then be careful. We’re still some distance away from the bottom of the cliff.”

“Got it,” Ning Yue said.

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She stood at the entrance of the cave. Just as Jiang Ying had said, this place was some distance from the bottom of the cliff. There were some branches and vines by the cliff.

She wondered if the branches and vines would withstand the weight of the two of them. It seemed that they would have a headache trying to get down from here.

Ning Yue decided not to think about it anymore. She lowered her head to take her pulse and realized that her skin was wrinkled like an old woman.

The breeze blew, and her hair blew against her face. She reached out to smooth her hair, but she did not expect to see that her hair had turned white!

She quickly took her pulse and realized that the poison she was poisoned with was not simple at all. Not only did it wrinkle her skin, but even her bodily functions had deteriorated.

Detoxification pills alone could not replenish her bodily functions. She had to detoxify the poison with acupuncture.

“Jiang Ying, it will take me an hour to detoxify the poison at the entrance of the cave,” Ning Yue said to Jiang Ying in the cave.

She took out the detoxification pill from her space and ate it. Then, she took out silver needles from her pocket and performed acupuncture on a few acupuncture points on her head.

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At this moment, Jiang Ying walked out.

He quietly sat beside Ning Yue. After a while, he saw sweat rolling down Ning Yue’s forehead.

He accompanied Ning Yue quietly. An hour later, Jiang Ying saw that Ning Yue’s wrinkled skin was actually changing at a visible speed.

Even her white hair began to slowly change.

He thought that Ning Yue’s poison had been removed, but he did not expect her hair to stop when it turned grayish-black, and her skin did not completely recover.

Jiang Ying looked at Ning Yue in confusion. She slowly opened her eyes and said to Jiang Ying, “This poison is too powerful. I won’t be able to cure it in a while.”

“What should we do? Let’s go out! Look for your master!” With that, Jiang Ying was about to leave with Ning Yue.

“Jiang Ying!” Ning Yue called out to Jiang Ying. She had something to confirm with him.

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