279 Poisoned

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“You’re also injured. If this continues, we’ll all die.” Ning Yue took a deep breath. How unlucky!

If she recovered, she would definitely curse the ancestors of those men in black!

“Shut up!” Jiang Ying shouted at Ning Yue. This was the first time he had spoken to her so loudly.

His tone was filled with panic. He did not dare to imagine how dark the world would become without Ning Yue.

He took a deep breath and looked up at his surroundings. He tightened his grip on the branch. He carried Ning Yue and stood on the protruding edge of the cliff.

This way, his hands could be freed. He quickly pulled hard on the vines and tied himself and Ning Yue firmly around the waist.

“Yueyue, just remember to believe me,” Jiang Ying said again.

Then, Jiang Ying carried Ning Yue and jumped nimbly over the cliff. Soon, he found a cave. The cave was very secretive, as if it had been secretly dug.

Jiang Ying brought Ning Yue into the cave and quickly spread dry grass on the ground.

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He untied the branches wrapped around their waists, took off his robe, and covered it with dry grass before gently carrying Ning Yue to sit down.


Ning Yue was already certain of her guess. Jiang Ying was familiar with this place.

However, what puzzled Ning Yue was that this was the capital, a place that Jiang Ying did not come to often. Why was he so familiar with this place?

Ning Yue raised her eyebrows. She did not expect Jiang Ying to have a small secret!

Jiang Ying took out the medicine he carried with him. He took it out and gestured for Ning Yue to help him apply the medicine. The injury happened to be on his shoulder, so it would be more difficult for him to apply the medicine himself.

“Father specially asked the imperial physicians in the palace to concoct this medicine for me. It’s very effective in stopping the bleeding. I’ll have to trouble Yueyue to help me apply the medicine,” he said.

Then, Jiang Ying sighed heavily. “Yueyue, will you blame me for bringing you down without discussing with you?”

Ning Yue shook her head and took Jiang Ying’s medicine. After helping him take off his shirt, she began to apply the medicine on him. Fortunately, although the wound looked serious, it did not hurt his bones.

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Ning Yue smiled and did not say anything. She began to size up her surroundings. She did not expect there to be hay and a stone table here!

However, the stone table was covered in dust. It seemed that no one had been here for a long time.

She was about to ask when Jiang Ying interrupted her. “Yueyue, are you very puzzled as to why I’m so familiar with this place?”

She turned around and wanted to answer Jiang Ying, but because she was too close to him, she accidentally touched the wound on his shoulder, causing him to grimace in pain.

Ning Yue’s heart ached. “Jiang Ying, I’m sorry.”

Her personal first aid kit was in the space. She still wanted to use the darkness to secretly take out the medicine Gu Yu had given her. That medicine had the effect of stopping pain.

If she applied it on Jiang Ying, it wouldn’t hurt so much.

Ning Yue took a long time to calm down. “Jiang Ying, if it weren’t for me, you could have escaped on your own with your ability.”

“You’re the woman I love the most. I definitely won’t let anything happen to you in front of me unless I collapse,” Jiang Ying said.

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Ning Yue blushed and was about to speak when her vision darkened and she fainted.

Jiang Ying’s expression changed. “Yueyue!”

He had protected Ning Yue very well. She should not be injured. Why was she unconscious?

Moreover, Ning Yue looked very strange when she was unconscious. Jiang Ying examined her.

He realized that something was wrong with Ning Yue’s body.

While he was puzzled, the skin on Ning Yue’s body was puckering at a visible speed.

Her hair also began to turn white. Bit by bit, Jiang Ying’s heart felt like it had been cut by a knife. It was abnormally painful.

Jiang Ying panicked. Ning Yue was clearly poisoned!

Would she continue to age and die?

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No, no, he couldn’t let Ning Yue die! He tried his best to help Ning Yue, but he wasn’t a doctor and didn’t have any antidotes on him.

A wave of powerlessness made Jiang Ying feel defeated. He kept praying to the heavens not to take Ning Yue away.

It was unknown if the heavens had heard Jiang Ying’s prayer or if the poison had acted up like this, but Ning Yue’s condition did not worsen.

However, seeing Ning Yue in such a state made Jiang Ying’s heart ache. While he hated the group of men in black, he also hated his own incompetence. He had failed to protect Ning Yue well.

These people actually poisoned Ning Yue. How despicable!

In this situation, he could not tell what Ning Yue had been poisoned with. If he wanted to detoxify it, he had to wait for Ning Yue to wake up.

Fortunately, Ning Yue’s pulse was beating strongly. He did not have to worry about her life for the time being.

Just as Jiang Ying was blaming himself, Ning Yue woke up.

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