Chapter 65 : Seto is invited into the Revolutionary Army, but…

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It was almost dusk. Inside the temple, light was pouring down through the window frames in shades of madder red.

The contrast of light and shadow was vividly expressed due to the darkness of the seemingly abandoned interior, which had crumbled all over.

Seto would have loved to explore it more carefully, but time was against him.

His mind was in a rush, knowing that Satis would worry if he did not return soon.

But he was also curious about what Jake wanted to do.

Unaware of Seto’s concerns, Jake kept talking in high spirits.

[Seto, I’m sure our encounter today was fate! Come on, let’s change this world together!] (Jake)

The kids around them nodded in agreement.

But naturally, Seto could not accept.

He himself had no hatred of the world, nor any desire for vengeance.

Which was incompatible with the kids’ ideology.

[Sorry, but I’m not interested in your revolution or vengeance. I’ll admit that I’ve been through some hard and sad times due to my status as a child soldier, but I have no intention of acting on them like you guys.] (Seto)

[Why not? You should know better than anyone how selfish adults can be.] (Jake)

[You’re right. They took advantage of me just because I’m a kid. But I have no desire to use that as an excuse to do anything.] (Seto)

[But aren’t you frustrated at them? Don’t you feel any hatred for the adults!? You don’t have to put up with them, Seto. You can get back at them for everything they did, together with us!] (Jake)

Jake unconsciously raised his voice.

Seto could discern the underlying impatience in his anger.

He was desperate to recruit Seto at any cost.

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Even as children, they could easily imagine how much of an advantage to eu would gain in battle with the addition of Seto to their ranks.

And it was that desperation that gave him a general understanding of how inexperienced their Revolutionary Army currently was.

[Seto, our actions can lead the world in the right direction. We can save the children who are suffering because of wars, politics, and the selfishness of adults! Please, let’s work together!] (Jake)

What…? (Seto)

[Adults always treat kids like us as nuisances. Like insects. Is that the way the world should be? We may still be a small group, but with a strong kid like you, we can become a beacon of hope that can change the world.] (Jake)

Sweat dripped from Jake’s forehead as he endlessly tried to persuade Seto.

Combined with the madder red light and shadows, his expression looked even more grim.

Letting out a small sigh, Seto walked to the window frame where the light was shining through.

From where he stood, he could see the city of Hopi Mesa.

The ruins and remnants of the city blended into the shadows of the evening along with the silhouettes of the city.

Seto’s heart settled calmly and coldly along with those shadows.

[Sorry, but I won’t change my mind.] (Seto)

[But…] (Jake)

[I have someone waiting for my return. I’ve stayed here too long. Sorry for intruding.] (Seto)

After that, Seto turned on his heel and moved toward the exit.

[Please wait! It’s my fault. I know it must’ve been confusing for me to invite you out of the blue like that. But please, don’t abandon us. …Come back tomorrow. We can properly talk it out then. Okay?] (Jake)

Seto turned around for a moment, but never nodded.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have ever imagined meeting children in a situation similar to his own here, nor that they would invite him to join them.

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When he stepped outside, a soft breeze caressed his cheeks and forehead.

However, he could not shake off the feeling that something was stuck in his heart.

Not that he wanted to help them, but their circumstances somewhat weighed on Seto’s mind.

I’ll have to tell Satis about this. …This is different from back then with Osiris. At that time, I was fighting to protect the city, the village, and everyone I knew. But… (Seto)

He crossed the residential area and walked to the part of the town where the inn was located.

As people gathered into small crowds at the night stalls set up here and there, Seto spotted Chiyome, who was carrying her luggage and clutching her cane.

[Heyyy, Chiyome! Are you on your way back too?] (Seto)

[Hmm? Ahh, it’s you, Seto. Are you finished with your errands?] (Chiyome)

[Yeah, I had to stop early. …Shall we go home together?] (Seto)

[Ohh, that’d be much appreciated. Not that I can’t remember the way back, but havin’ company is reassurin’.] (Chiyome)

Thus, Seto and Chiyome walked side by side on their way back to the inn.

At first, he thought about walking in front of Chiyome to guide her, but she refused as she did not need him to.

[You’re walking so smoothly. It makes me wonder if you’re really blind.] (Seto)

[Hehehe! I get that a lot. Can you see the inn yet?] (Chiyome)

[Yeah, we’re almost there.] (Seto)

When they arrived at the inn, they went inside and returned to their respective rooms.

Chiyome was also used to taking the stairs, and Seto was surprised at how smoothly she could climb them up and down.

I guess when you’re that skillful with a sword, your senses and stuff are on a whole different level. (Seto)

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After watching Chiyome humming a tune as she walked into her room in the far end of the corridor, Seto entered his room, where Satis was waiting for him.

[I’m home.] (Seto)

Satis smiled at Seto as he opened the door, raising her upper body from the bed.

[Welcome back. Thanks for your efforts today. Now, shall we have dinner?] (Satis)

[Yeah.] (Seto)

Seto sat down on a chair next to the bed.

Satis brought out the food she had stored away using magic, and shared it with Seto.

Fruits, cheeses, and meats such as ham for the two of them to eat together, albeit in small portions.

This time together with Satis brought a sense of security to Seto

After the meal, he took a short rest.

When Satis’ expression brightened and he could see that she was feeling much better, Seto gave her a quick summary of what happened today.

About the temple-like building at the back of the residential area, and the self-proclaimed Revolutionary Army made up of children who live in it.

[I see. And those children tried to recruit you?] (Satis)

[Yeah. Of course, I have no intention of helping them with their revolution. But… When I think about their circumstances and all, it bothers me a bit.] (Seto)

[Well, if they continue along this path, they will all be captured by the adults, and at worst, they will be hung for committing a serious crime.] (Satis)

[Thought so. Just wondering, but can’t we do something about it? Knowing that kids I got involved with, and whose circumstances are similar to mine, would all fail and suffer terribly because I didn’t join them would leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth.] (Seto)

Seto harbored the unusual feeling of twisting his own arm for the revolutionary kids.

Satis was secretly glad that he had, in a way, grown up to feel such emotions for a group of boys he had just met in a land he was unfamiliar with.

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[Hmm… I’m not sure. I’d have to meet them once. More importantly, they’re all such big fans of yours that they want you to come back tomorrow, aren’t they?] (Satis)

[I hope this doesn’t become a habit for them.] (Seto)

Shrugging his shoulders, Seto pondered.

The only way for him to settle this was to basically stop the revolution itself.

No doubt Jake and his group would not agree to it.

I wish I could persuade them somehow, but… (Seto)

While the two of them were thinking about this, the sun had completely set, and the lights of the street stalls were illuminating the city.

When they stopped thinking about it and Seto tried looking out the window while stretching, someone arrived.

[Hi, bonsoir~!] (Chiyome)

Someone knocked on the door while saying something with an intonation that sounded like a greeting.

That voice belonged to Chiyome.

[Hi there, I’m comin’ in~! And this is for you~!] (Chiyome)

Chiyome brought alcohol and snacks.

For Seto, she brought something different.

It was dried fruits from one of the stalls.

[Oh my, Chiyome-san. What brings you here?] (Satis)

[Nothing special, just checkin’ up on you. We’ve come this far together, after all. Let’s have a lil’ fun over a drink.] (Chiyome)

And thus, it was time for them to enjoy themselves.

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