Chapter 127 – Eating egg fried rice that could make people become immortals (2)

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 When he was thinking about the past, he was getting a princess hug by this stupid older sister. And she was so domineering like a prince who forcibly snatched a young and beautiful wife. Chu Peng’s face darkened, his expression was a little resentful, and a sentence suddenly popped out of his mind involuntarily—— 


-princess hug

A person who had a simple mind, had a strong physical body. 

It couldn’t be more appropriate to describe this stupid older sister. 

“It’s done!” 

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Chu Qiao turned off the fire and served the egg fried rice into two plates. The larger portion was given to her rascal younger brother, and the smaller portion was for her to eat. 

Chu Peng took two plates of rice to the living room and put them on the table to let the fan blow. Chu Qiao also cooked two bowls of dried bok choy soup. This kind of soup was the most refreshing in summer, and it was also easy to cook. Just boiled the water, then put a handful of Meigan cai, and then added a little salt. After it was done, it would be a good soup to relieve the summer heat. 


-Dried bok choy soup 

-A bundle of Meigan Cai (梅干菜)
A type of dry pickled chinese mustard. The pickle consists of a whole head of various varieties of chinese mustards and cabbages that has undergone an elaborate process consisting of drying, steaming, and salting. The vegetables are harvested, trimmed before the Qingming Festival, and sun-dried until limp. It is then salted or brined, kneaded until the juices are exuded, and left to ferment in large clay urns for 15 to 20 days. The vegetable is then repeatedly steamed and dried until reddish brown in color and highly fragrant.

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“Eat quickly.”

Chu Qiao took a big bite first. She was very satisfied with the taste and in a good mood, because her guess was confirmed again, and her cooking skills also became stronger.

In her previous life, she could not cook such delicious egg fried rice. She wasn’t boasting about this egg fried rice, but there were not many chefs who were better than her in the whole Shanghai city.  

Chu Peng took a big mouthful and after chewing a few times, his expression froze, as if he had just seen something unbelievable. He remained motionless for quite a while.

“Is it not good?” Chu Qiao asked suspiciously. This rascal younger brother won’t be so picky, right? 

“It’s quite good.” 

Chu Peng shook his head and gave her a meaningful look. This egg fried rice was the best egg fried rice he had ever eaten in the past 17 years. It was so delicious that he felt he could instantly become immortal.

But he clearly remembered that Chu Qiao’s cooking skills were not so good in the past. Although it was better than He Jihong, it was not so delicious. Could it be that Chu Qiao was hiding herself before? 

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At the current time, it seemed that this explanation was the most reasonable. Chu Peng took another big mouthful of egg fried rice, and his mood improved a lot. He ate faster and faster. Chu Qiao on the side was chewing carefully and slowly. This was a good habit that was developed in the previous life, which could make you feel fuller and helped her lose weight. 

The 17 years old Chu Peng has a big appetite, and he quickly finished out his large plate of rice. However, he was still not fully satisfied yet. So he fixed his eyes on Chu Qiao’s plate. Seeing her eating in a slow manner, he thought that she didn’t like to eat it. 

“I’ll help you eat.”

It was the first time that Chu Peng was so enthusiastic, which made Chu Qiao a little stunned. She watched helplessly as this rascal younger brother took half of the rice from her plate, without manners. 

When Chu Qiao reacted, the rice had already been taken away. Chu Peng was devouring it like never before, and she wasn’t angry either. She smiled and asked, “Is it delicious?”

“Just so-so!”

Chu Peng spoke in disgust, but he ate fast. Chu Qiao snorted softly, and she finally understood. This rascal younger brother was a black-hearted, duplicitous, and stingy cheapskate. She was really worried for his future wife. But with Chu Peng this kind of virtue, it was hard to say whether he could find a wife. As he might be a bachelor for the rest of his life. 

In the previous life, her younger brother didn’t seem to be married. Anyway, when she died, Chu Peng was still an old bachelor. 

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Chu Peng finished eating twice as much as usual. He felt a bit full, but his mood was extremely good. He even hiccuped loudly. Seeing that Chu Qiao was still eating so slowly, it was almost like she was counting the rice grains. He couldn’t help but say, “Is your throat blocked?” 

“Eating slowly is good for your health.”

Chu Qiao rolled her eyes and continued to count the rice grains. Chu Peng rolled his eyes and urged impatiently, “Eat quickly, I want to wash the dishes.” 


Chu Qiao immediately ate faster. It was rare for this rascal younger brother to take the initiative to wash the dishes, so she had to support him. She ate the rest of the meal in three or two bites. And the elegance she had just now had disappeared. 

Chu Peng rolled his eyes again. In order for him to wash the dishes, she didn’t even want her health anymore.

He Jihong and Chu Yuanzhi went home from work at noon, and Chu Qiao took the initiative to cook lunch. However, she intentionally added more salt. Besides, she was already full in the morning. 

“There is someone who will come over to eat dinner tonight. Tidy up the house.” He Jihong said lightly.

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