Chapter 126 – Eating egg fried rice that could make people become immortals (1)

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It would be great if there was a spendthrift and foolish person like Young Master Zhao every night. Chu Qiao smiled and put away the money.

In fact, even if there was no such a spendthrift and foolish person, it wouldn’t matter. Even if there was no tip, it would be 50 yuan per night, 1500 yuan per month. And just in half a year, she would be able to buy a good house. 

Cheer on! 

Chu Qiao clenched her fists and went to boil water for a bath. There were so much trouble tonight that she forgot to ask Mr. Tang about the staff dormitory. 

However, there was no need to rush to ask about the staff dormitory. If she and Gu Ye got married, then she would definitely move to Gu Ye’s place to live. 

The handsome and bright smiling face of Gu Ye appeared in front of her eyes. Chu Qiao’s face was hot, and her heart was beating very fast. She quickly splashed water on her face to make herself more sober. 

In this life, she wanted to earn a lot of money. She could not lose herself for a man. Making money was the important thing. 

The next day, it was almost nine o’clock when Chu Qiao got up. It was already one o’clock when she took a bath and went to bed last night. After a good night’s sleep, she felt rested and refreshed. Chu Qiao stretched out and got up to take a bath. 

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In the mirror, she saw her beautiful, white, and tender face. Her eyes were shiny, and her skin was more soft than a peeled egg. She didn’t know if it was due to her psychological effects, but she felt that her current appearance was even more beautiful than in her previous life. 

If her guess was correct, many of her talents and skills in this life would be enhanced. So it was inevitable that she would become more beautiful. Chu Qiao’s mood has greatly improved. Originally, she was already beautiful enough. So if she became more beautiful, she didn’t know what she would be like. 

Facing herself in the mirror, Chu Qiao couldn’t help but hum a song. It was Teresa Teng’s song, Tian Mi Mi. Chu Peng came out of his room and heard the beautiful voice. He saw his older sister coming out of the bath, and seemed to be in a good mood, which even affected him. 

Tian Mi Mi – Teresa Teng

The corners of Chu Peng’s mouth couldn’t help but rise, but when he thought that his stupid older sister’s good mood was due to that stinky hooligan Gu Ye, his mood suddenly turned bad. The corners of his lips drooped, and he ignored Chu Qiao with a sulky face. 

“Good morning.”

Chu Qiao took the initiative to greet him. The current her had money and a beautiful appearance, with a promising future. So she wouldn’t fuss about this rascal younger brother’s behaviour towards her. 

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Chu Peng gave her a cold look. He didn’t say anything, and didn’t want to speak at all. 

“Have you had breakfast yet?” Chu Qiao was in a good mood and wanted to cook something delicious, so she could generously share some with this rascal younger brother.


Chu Peng finally spoke up. He slept quite late last night, pissed off by this stupid older sister, and suffered from insomnia. He woke up late in the morning, so naturally he missed breakfast. He was very hungry now. 

“Do you want to eat egg fried rice?”


-Egg fried rice. 

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Chu Qiao opened the refrigerator and had a look. There was a large pot of leftover rice, eggs and carrots. It was just right to make egg fried rice. 


Chu Peng had no objection, as long as there was something to eat. 

Chu Qiao took three eggs, half a carrot, and a pot of rice. Soon, there was a loud sound of cutting vegetables in the kitchen. Chu Peng was curious, he couldn’t help but walk to the kitchen door. He saw his stupid older sister wielding the kitchen knife like she was engaged in a fierce battle with a sword.

Immediately, there was a pile of diced carrots on the cutting board. Even without using a ruler to measure them, he knew that these diced carrots should be the same size. 

Since when did this stupid older sister’s knife skills become so amazing?

He remembered that this stupid older sister didn’t have such good knife skills in the past. Chu Peng’s eyes became inquisitive.

Ever since her fever had subsided, it seemed like she had become a different person. Her personality and temper had changed. Even her appearance seemed to have become better. Could a fever make a person change so much? 

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Chu Peng couldn’t help but be a little eager to try. It would be great if he could improve his IQ. However, he quickly dismissed this absurd idea and continued to stare at Chu Qiao cooking. 

Soon, a nice aroma came out. Chu Qiao’s movements were very skilled, and she even casually flipped the food in wok a few times. The rice grains wrapped in the golden egg liquid, rolling in the air, and the aroma burst out, which made Chu Peng swallow his saliva, and making him even more hungry. 


-Flip food in wok 

It was just egg fried rice. How could it smell so good?  

Moreover, how could his stupid older sister’s strength become so strong that she could even flip the food in wok. 

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