Chapter 125 – What I’m concerned is his poor health (2)

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“Don’t worry, I can even ride back with my eyes closed.” Gu Ye grinned happily, even if he was glared at by Chu Peng fiercely, his good mood was not affected.

Gu Ye intentionally showed off how skillful he was in cycling. He jumped on the bike, his movements were exaggerated and wild. Two of his hands were not holding the bicycle handlebar, his body was perfectly straight. He rode away quickly, not forgetting to turn his head and grin at Chu Qiao. 

“Be careful!”

Chu Qiao worriedly shouted, there was a pit ahead, and just as she finished speaking, she heard a bang sound. The bicycle twisted off, and Gu Ye calmly supported the bicycle handlebar with his hands. He immediately stabilized his bike, then he turned around and smiled very brightly. It was very show-offish, as if he was saying, “Look, my driving skill is good!” 


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Chu Qiao chuckled, and the current Boss Gu was really like a child, with such a playful heart.

But she didn’t realize that Chu Peng’s face next to her was already as dark as a charcoal, as they were flirting blatantly in front of him. 

As it happened that this damned couple, one was his own older sister, and the other one was a stinky hooligan.  

So angry! 

“He’s already riding far away!” Chu Peng said coldly.

That person had already gone far away, and yet this stupid older sister was still watching him in a daze. Chu Peng was such a big man standing in front of her, but he was treated as if he didn’t exist, this really pissed him off. 

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Chu Qiao’s face became hot, she quickly turned her head away, and smiled flatteringly, “Xiao Peng, did you come to pick me up on purpose?”

“You think too much, I take a walk because I can’t sleep.” 

Chu Peng gave her a cold look and strode ahead. His aura was even colder than the air conditioner. Chu Qiao didn’t dare to say anything, and just followed behind him. There was no other sound in the passageway, only the sound of their footsteps. 

“Gu Ye needs to raise other people’s two sons, and he is not healthy either. So you should just stay away from him.” Chu Peng suddenly said. 

He didn’t have a problem with Gu Ye, on the contrary, he admired this man very much. He would be great as a friend, but not as his brother-in-law. 

Gu Ye was not healthy, and had to raise two children. These two points already disqualified him. His stupid older sister couldn’t think of these, so he had to worry about this. 

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Chu Qiao blushed and whispered, “He is affectionate and righteous. Furthermore, his poor health is not what he wanted.” 

What she was concerned about was Gu Ye’s poor health. She was grateful that she still hadn’t agreed yet.

Although she had a good impression of Gu Ye now, it’s not love. If it wasn’t because she was in a hurry to settle her hukou, she wouldn’t have considered getting married. 

From the current point of view, Gu Ye was the most suitable partner for her. Before getting married, she would make it clear to Gu Ye. If Gu Ye didn’t agree, then just forget it. She would think of another way.  

Chu Peng was tense. He had already talked to this point, but this stupid sister actually still said good things for that guy. Just what kind of love potion did Gu Ye give her? 

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“Then just suit yourself!” 

Chu Peng angrily replied and went back to his own room. He originally thought that his stupid older sister had changed a lot, but who knew that she was still the same person as she was in the past.

She clearly knew that there was a tiger in the mountain, but she still wanted to climb it. He didn’t want to care anymore, she could do whatever she liked. 

Chu Qiao blinked, she was a little confused by the sudden anger of this rascal younger brother. In the past few days, her relationship with him had improved a bit.

In the middle of the night, he even found his conscience to go downstairs to pick her up. But now he suddenly changed his attitude again. He was a man who changed his attitude faster than a woman. Could it be that he was having his period? 

Shrugging her shoulders, Chu Qiao’s good mood was not affected at all. She took out a pile of money from her bag and happily counted it several times. It was 340 yuan, and the colorful banknotes were sparkling under the light, pleasing her mood even more. 

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